Grabois’s “fantasy” if the right wins: “We are going to fight it and in a year and a half they will leave by helicopter”

The benchmark of Patria Grande and pre-candidate for president John Grabois He said that if the opposition wins in the next elections, they will “fight” so that they leave “by helicopter.”

“Let them come and we are going to fight it and in a year and a half they leave by helicopter“He said in an interview with Roberto Navarro in El Destape”.The truth is that I have that fantasy, What happens is that the dead are always put by the people, they are put by our compañeros”.

In the same talk, Grabois affirmed that Economy Minister Sergio Massa does not have the blessing of Cristina Kirchner to be a candidate for president and maintained that many of those who surround the vice president “They are obsessed” with the head of the Palacio de Hacienda.

Juan Grabois and the left denounced fraud in Jujuy

Cristina supports Massa as minister, the support as president is a myth”, he said. “Cristina supports Juan Grabois and if not, deny it. Cristina votes for Juan Grabois“.

And he clarified: “If there is no STEP in the FdT or the candidate is Massa or any other conservative, I run outside. Something like that would expel me from the coalition and I would go with the Frente Patria Grande, which has national legal status.”

When addressing the inmate in the Frente de Todos, Grabois said that “we are going to make an agreement with Cristina, not with those who surround Cristina.” Without giving names, he told whom “they are obsessed with massa and they have a ‘Massa for liberation’ and they don’t even believe it”.

Along these lines, the social leader added that “Wado has not launched yet” in relation to the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo De Pedro, another of the possible Kirchner candidates.

Grabois and what he projects in case of being president

If there is something that is clear to the official referent, it is that the chances that he will be chosen by the official party to compete and that he will triumph are low. But that doesn’t stop him from being clear about his ideas. The first measure is the cancellation of the program with the IMF. You have to break with the Fund,” said Grabois.

Then he justified his position by arguing that the international credit organization “violated its own sixth article of the organic charter because capital flight has ended” after the stand-by loan for 44 billion dollars granted during the government of Mauricio Macri.

Axel Kicillof acknowledged that he could unfold the elections in the Province

In this line, he again criticized the economic management, although not of Massa but that of the former Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman. “He made a very bad negotiation, I got nothing”manifested.

As a second proposal, Grabois said that it is necessary nationalize lithium and with that “we solve many problems”. “We are going to create 500,000 lots on private and state land with services. It’s something easy to do and people can build their houses,” she added.

Criticism of Rosatti

Grabois’s statements came while the president of the Supreme Court, horace rosatispoke to businessmen at the annual event of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina (Amcham). “What does Rosatti do at a meeting of the North American Chamber of Commerce?” he wondered.

Rosatti criticized the “uncontrolled” monetary issue: “It implies not defending the value of the currency”

The Northern Chamber of Commerce pays them with prizes and tickets to officials to do what they want. It’s a scandal,” he denounced.

Along these lines, the leader continued with his reproaches against the chamber of North American businessmen, whom he targeted because “They lobbied with the packaging law, a necessary law.”

And then: “represent Coca Cola and Pepsi, and a week before they distributed tickets for them to go to a meeting that same day (in the US) and not be in the vote. We have a list of ticket acceptors.”


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