For Néstor Grindetti, eliminating social planes is a matter of “eggs”

Facing this year’s elections, political leaders are beginning to make their public proposals to solve people’s main problems. In that sense, the mayor of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti, shared his strategy to “eliminate” social plans.

Eggs to remove social plans”, says the image that he shared on his social networks. Consequently, some branded the mayor as macho for his campaign.

Grindetti’s message on Twitter.

In the meantime, others recalled the number of social plans that were granted during the presidency of Mauricio Macri.

Grindetti’s post ends with a sentence that reads: “0% social plans, 100% work”. The mayor of Lanús shared his plan on social networks in the middle of his trip through coastal towns such as Pinamar, Villa Gesell, San Clemente and Mar del Plata.

Grindetti on social planes

This is not the first time that Grindetti has spoken about the social planes, since A few months ago we assured that he was “exasperated” to see that “this issue can never be resolved”in a dialogue with The First of the Afternoonon the air of cnn radio.

The issue of plans in general is people who don’t work, get paid and we keep spinning around that. The first question is training.. That is to say, that a person who receives a plan, works and is trained for a certain profession, ”he said in September.

The Government thinks changes in the social planes

In the same way, at that moment I am sure that “it is impossible to eliminate social blueprints overnightBut we can’t do anything either.”

It is a path that at least I am willing to face to get out of this barbarity that is a subsidy with manipulations of the managers of poverty”, he maintained with overtones of an electoral campaign.

The mayor, who aspires to compete for the Governorship of the Province of Buenos Aires, I wish that the issue of social plans “is something that comes from education”.


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