Flamengo fans repudiate and reject the arrival of Agustín Rossi

The political grouping Flamenco of the People promoted last night, on social networks, a campaign rejecting the possible arrival of the goalkeeper from Boca Juniors Agustin Rossi to the Rio de Janeiro club for a complaint of gender violence made against him by an ex-girlfriend in 2017, the Brazilian press said today.

according to Globe SportsThe criticism is based on an accusation made against him in 2017, when he was still a goalkeeper for Defense and Justice and, at that time, the woman exposed conversations with threats and shared photos with more shades.

This situation arises hours before the trip of the leaders of the Brazilian club, marcos braz (vice president of soccer) and Bruno Spindel (executive director) to Argentina to try to specify the arrival of the goalkeeper from Mouth to the Rio de Janeiro club.

This background had conditioned also to rossi in negotiations that he had in 2019 with the franchise united minnesotaof the MLS Delaware state Joined.

Brazil I affirm that flamenco recently learned of the situation in the last hours and informed that the case is being analyzed, but that the club will only rule if the contract is finalized.