Details remain for Alemán to sign in his new team

the uruguayan brahian german will not continue in Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata. Only details remain for the Wolf Y Banfield seal the player’s transfer agreement in a figure close to 800 thousand dollars.

Gym in this way he could lift one of his inhibitions by paying $ 330,734 to the club Al Ettifaqfrom Saudi Arabia, he would settle the debt with the soccer player and he would have money left as a profit.

Germanthe captain in the cycle Nestor Gorosito, he let the new board of directors know that he wanted to have a way out for all the problems of recent times. He was exposed to the people and from the club they understand that a transfer is the way to solve at least one of the great economic problems that he inherited from the previous management.

The player is carrying out the preseason with the team he now directs sebastian romerobut everything is given so that on Monday or Tuesday he joins his new team.