David Alaba received strong criticism for voting for Messi in The Best and defended himself

Lionel Messi was left with The Best award after beating the vote to Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema. And since hours usually pass after the ceremony, the choice of the people who choose the winners comes to light. Among them, david praises who voted to be captain of the Austrian national team and chose the Argentine before his Real Madrid teammate, for that reason he received thousands of criticisms from the fans of the Meringue who asked for his departure.

It has been known for a long time that for the fans of the Whites they do not want Messi and after the conquest of Argentina in the World there is almost a deep hatred towards the Rosario. And surely the favorites for the shortlists for best coach, best player and best goalkeeper were Carlo Ancelotti, Benzema and Thibaut Courtois, respectively. They didn’t win in any and it was all for the step.

For this reason, when the votes of each of the team captains were known and they saw Alaba’s, the fans of the white club began to comment on social networks with the hastag #PraiseOut. asking him to leave Real.

Praise’s defense

“The Austrian National Team votes for this award as a team, not me alone. Everyone on the team council can vote and that’s how it’s decided. Everyone knows, especially Karim, how much I admire him and his performances. And I have said many times that for me he is the best striker in the world, and it continues to be so. Definitely”judgment.


How is the voting format to choose the winners in the FIFA The Best Awards

The voting process had three instances: the first, with the public vote, which took place through the official FIFA website; the second, by a selected group of journalists; and the rest made up of the coaches of the national teams registered with FIFA and their captains.


Each was able to cast three votes in each category: the first awarded five points, the second received three and the third only one.