Dani Alves case: when is the trial and how many years in prison could he face

Since last January 20 Dani Alves is in prison after being accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl in a nightclub in Barcelona on December 30. recently, the prosecution denied him parole and maintained his position of leaving him in provisional prison.

An important fact is that the investigation will conclude soon and the case will be resolved before the end of the year, so the trial would be before the end of 2023.

Following the times set by the Spanish courts, the trial would take place at the end of this year, in which the Brazilian would face “a crime of sexual assault with penetration of article 179 of the Criminal Code that has a penalty between 4 and 12 years in prison”detailed the Prosecutor’s Office.

The media repercussion that the case took as it was a successful footballer and The speed with which the evidence and testimonies were collected made the investigation accelerate to the point that they could reach the criminal investigation (pre-trial phase) before June.

For this reason, in addition, the Court of Barcelona thought that “provisional detention can be stabilized for a reasonable period of timewithout reaching the legally established maximums”.

On the other hand, according to updated The worldthe details that he provided to the victim in his statements could be taken into account, in which he pointed out that she was tricked into entering the bathroom of the Sutton nightclub and subsequently beaten. With these aggravating factors, the penalty would be between 8 and 10 years in prison. in the event that the ex-Barcelona was found guilty.

Dani Alves’ defence, meanwhile, continues to focus on the version that the relationships were extremely consented in the chambers of the place where the soccer player could be seen entering the bathroom first and the young woman a few minutes later in a relaxed atmosphere.