China had the first death from bird flu and the WHO urged to “monitor the virus”

Porcelain the first death came by avian complaint in the world. This is the first human victim of the disease caused by the virus detected in 2002, which mainly affects birds. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) urged governments to “monitor” those affected by the virus, the possibility of a spread in humans on a global scale is not anticipated.

He H3N8 virus It first appeared in North America and has so far been transmitted to horses, dogs, and sea lions. However, it was detected in humans in Porcelain twice, in April and May 2022, but without being fatal until this Tuesday.

Avian flu: what is the epidemiological situation in the country

The case triggered epidemiological alarms in different countries, including Chile, where there was also a 53-year-old patient with “severe influenza” due to the spread of the bird flu virus. In addition, it adds to the case of the eleven-year-old girl from Cambodia who died in February.

The case of the first death by bird complaint in China

The case was registered in Guangdong province, in southeast China. The woman was 56 years old and had contracted the disease on February 22. Because of the lung infection, she had to be admitted and it should have been on March 16 after she was diagnosed with a “severe pneumonia“, reported the WHO.

People exposed to sick birds can contract the virus that causes diarrhea and fever over 38°C, among other symptoms.

“The patient had multiple underlying conditions” and “History of exposure to live poultry before the onset of the disease and a history of the presence of wild birds around their residence,” the UN health agency said.

In a statement, the WHO put a cold cloth on the matter by clarifying that “none” of the close contacts of the victim resulted in “infection or symptoms of the disease until the time of writing this report”, thus ruling out the possibility that the virus could Being contagious between humans.

Hantavirus regrowth: the keys to understanding a virus that could be lethal

With regard to contagion, the abnormal organism that may be due to frequenting a bird market, but that “the exact source of the infection has yet to be determined, as well as the relationship between this virus and the other type A avian complaints ( H3N8) circulating in the animal environment”.

In that highlighted that, based on the available data, the risk of the spread on a national, regional and global scale of the virus “is considered scarce“. However, he insisted on the need to “watch the virus” online with his continuous servers.

bird flu outbreak

In February 2023, the WHO warned about the risk of transmission of avian influenza to mammals, after the detection of infections in foxes, otters and sea lions in different parts of the world.

The disease reached Latin America through migratory birds, causing mortality in wild birds but also in sea lions. Added to this is the spread of the outbreak in poultry and poultry for family consumption, which caused millions in losses for the livestock sector due to the killing of birds required by the authorities to control the health situation.

Although there are few examples of infected humans, the WHO urged governments to monitor those affected by the virus that has 868 confirmed cases of H5N1 in the last 20 years and 457 deaths.


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