Cerruti demanded that feminism “raise a cry for peace” against the war in Europe

The presidential speaker, Gabriela Cerruti, participated in the International Feminist Meeting “We call it feminism” (EIF 2023) that takes place in Madrid, Spain. During her speech, the official condemned the war in Ukraine and claimed that “the cry for peace must also be raised by the feminist movement”.

In the event organized by the Ministry of Equality of the Government of Spain, Cerruti said that “Europe is at war because of the invasion of Russia (of Ukraine) that we condemn.” In this regard, he maintained that “no war is won. The only victory really is peace“.

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Added to this, the president president asked feminism to “raise a cry for peace”. “The cry for peace must also be raised by the feminist movement. Women are the ones who give birth so that our children go to war and be exploited,” she said.

In addition, he referred to the negative impact of the war in Europe and the need for peace to improve the situation of “all those who are losing at this time.” the problem belongs to all those who are losingof all, all and all, those who are losing at this moment and for that we need peace ”, he asserted.

Along these lines, he argued that the investment in weapons that some countries are making consumes resources that could be used to “save millions of lives and replace situations of hunger” that are suffered in various regions of the world.

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He also stated that the military conflict is not limited to Europe, but have a negative impact on Latin Americaespecially in the economic field where there are “increasingly poor”.

At the meeting, Cerruti warned that the war in Europe is “plunging the South into poverty again.”

“Everything that happens in the war here also has repercussions in the south, with tens of miles of compatriots who fall into poverty due to inflation levels, energy prices, how the world’s economic coefficient is changing and that war is plunging the south into poverty again, increasingly poor, increasingly unequal,” he said.

At the end of the event, the presidential spokesperson shared her experience through her Twitter account. “Second and powerful day of EIF2023, thousands of women from all countries debating and reflecting on the pending challenges. Classrooms and corridors filled with enthusiasm, questions and the search for horizons. Nice to hear from everyone,” she wrote.

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