Carlos de Angelis: “Macri does not want his candidates”

The sociologist analyzed the electoral perspectives of the opposition and the attitude of Mauricio Macri towards patricia bullrich and Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. Macri He would like to be the candidate but they don’t give him the figures“he stated in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

How did you see Larreta’s launch? Don’t you think there is a political inconsistency in saying that he is a candidate for closing the rift and affirming, at the same time, that he cannot agree with Kirchnerism?

Larreta’s launch was well thought out, there were a lot of people evaluating those words. First, that disconcerting image of Route 40, which at first was not understood, later he had to explain it.

He thought about it a lot. What it shows is the best that Larreta has to show, try to see the one that closes the crack, the one with the 70% dialogue.

It is to highlight, from aesthetics, that loneliness of the South, which was linked to the national channel of Alberto Fernández, which had a very similar aesthetic.

“Hora 2023”: Rodríguez Larreta announced his presidential candidacy

In addition, in a context where Mauricio Macri puts, at almost the same time, some photos with Vidal, with inscriptions of “Vidal president”. None of this is coincidence, it was a strategy that Macri has and that gives a lot to talk about.

Macri does not want his candidates, all he wants is his mirror. It is version two of Alberto and Cristina.

Larreta is going to have to go against Bullrich and against Macri.

macri He would like to be the candidate but they don’t give him the figures. A large part of his voters were injured after his administration, although some are beginning to claim it again, after Alberto’s administration.

Then there was a string of very harsh tweets from Patricia Bullrich. They make her look very borderline to Javier Milei’s speech.

She goes for that sector of young people who are angry with all politics, while Larreta goes with the traditional voter of radicalism, with the older people, the people who, although they are disgusted with economic activity, do not want Argentina to fall either. in a chaos You notice that, in these 4 years, there was not a single general strike.

Survey: the leaders with the best image are Bullrich, Milei and CFK

Looking at the biographies, both Bullrich and Larreta went through Peronism. We are going to have an election, except for Milei, with many Peronist or ex-personist candidates.

Alexander Gomel (AG): Does this scenario favor Javier Milei?

The favorite is Javier Milei. But he has a problem, which is the presidency. The people listen to him and see him, everyone knows who he is, the whole country knows him, but he can’t convince himself that he can be president. May he have the temperance and tranquility to be president. Tranquility is exactly what it does not have.

Now, that measures must be taken, that this scheme does not give more, 80% of the country agrees. The question is who is going to be able to convince society that they are going to be able to achieve it quickly and without a mega crisis of 3 million on the streets.


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