Bullrich and a photo with radicals with a message for the Larreta-Morales tandem

Every electoral year, the traditional Harvest Festival in Mendoza becomes a sounding board for meetings that anticipate or accelerate the political movements that will come with the closing of lists. And the 2023 version was no exception with a photo of Patricia Bullrich with important leaders within the Radical Civic Union. A signal that has two clear recipients: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales.

It is that the Buenos Aires head of government and the governor of Jujuy, together with Senator Martín Lousteau, have been advancing in an understanding towards the internal armed groups in Together for Change. The first has already formalized his candidacy; the second will be on Wednesday the 15th with an act at the Gran Rex theater, but due to the low the number of tunes is increasing, also including Elisa Carrió in the same vein.

“Is a team born?” they enthused around Bullrich once the photo was completed. “There is all the ‘no Morales’ radicalism,” they described. It is that in the portrayed meeting there were weight figures of the centennial party such as Facundo Manes (presidential); the other two governors, Gustavo Valdés (Corrientes) and Rodolfo Suárez (Mendoza); Senators Alfredo Cornejo (candidate for governor of Mendoza), Carolina Losada (she sounds to compete in Santa Fe or in a presidential binomial), Luis Naidenoff and Mariana Juri; and the deputies Rodrigo de Loredo (pre-candidate in Córdoba) and Juan Martín (santafesino). Emilio Monzó posed next to them, who has had close leaders working with Bullrich for a long time, such as Nicolás Massot and Sebastián García de Luca, but never formalized a rapprochement.

It is not the first time that the holder of the PRO gets photos with radicals. Cornejo was one of the first. A few weeks ago, at another party (the one at Chamamé), he was with Valdés, Losada and Naidenoff. With De Loredo he has been sharing tours in Córdoba. This time he added it to Manes and showed them all together. This radical sector, moreover, plans to set up meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, to show political weight against the armed forces of Morales and Lousteau.

The use of the armed forces already generates tensions between JvC teams

However, in radicalism, nobody is forceful about giving it a logic according to the event. “There is dialogue in the coalition,” summed up one of those present, close to Manes. And he added: “I see it more as the UCR is broad and has important players. And in the case of Facundo there were those who took it upon themselves to say, falsely and maliciously, that he was far away or alone and nothing more false ”. The deputy shared the photo on his networks with a message of unity from JxC.

“I think it is a show of force that nobody is being led by the nose,” analyzed another. But still, he did not rule out an understanding: “It is very difficult for Horacio to bring the entire UCR together. Especially if Pato keeps getting more and more competitive”.

Close to Bullrich they are more optimistic. “The search with today’s photo is that an axis is generated that shows that Horacio does not have the support of all radicalism. and that Morales does not handle all the radicalism”, assured a shipowner. Another went more in depth: “This space is going to put together a radical internal line so that the vice of Pato and ministers can come out of it.”

The most curious thing about the meeting is that both Morales and Lousteau were participating in the Harvest at the same time. Close to Jujuy they minimized the impact of the photo and preferred to look at the launch of 15 and the strengthening of JxC. “There is no fight, there is joint work to have a government program and to integrate actions, beyond the fact that there will be several candidates for president,” he said in dialogue with the press. He raised Cornejo’s local candidacy and called Omar de Marchi, from PRO, to participate in the coalition, after the threats of rupture.

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