Boca makes a new attempt to retain Rossi

mouth Juniors prepares for his first test of the year. In a friendly duel it will be measured against Independiente in a match, in which DT will test new variants in the face of the challenges that the team will have to face in the current season.

While that happens, the leadership advances ground for a possible retention of the goalkeeper Agustín Rossi. The reality is that everything was aimed at making the goalkeeper a new reinforcement for Flamengo, but unfortunately things are not in their best direction and this will probably complicate his arrival in Brazilian football.

Taking this situation into account, the Football Council made a new offer to the goalkeeper that could possibly change his plans. As reported sports tyc, the The Football Council equalized the economic conditions of his services and also intends to leave 45% of his pass to Rossi.

In addition, there was a consideration regarding the price of his clause. It is a reduction of 18 million to 5 million dollars. A modification that is probably convenient for the footballer’s environment.

For now, the decision is in the hands of Agustín Rossi, who will have to respond to this new agreement with the leadership of Boca Juniors. Will this new chapter come to fruition?