Behind the scenes of the clash between the Court and Alberto Fernández

the supreme court dropped a year-end bombshell. In the middle of December when the soccer world cup gave alberto fernández some respite and his hectic management, ruled in favor of the Buenos aires city and produces a political quagmire.

The President will probably challenge the judges and file an “in extremis” resource that entered the Palace of Justice after Christmas. But the highest court will only resolve it after the judicial fair in January. The repercussions will tend to cool down, but the damage has already been done and the government will abide by the ruling after the initial disobedience.

With the decision of the Court, politics became a bad theatrical comedy of entanglements: the highest court complicated Alberto Fernández, the President challenged them and the mayor of Buenos Aires criminally denounced the president for loving by failing to comply with the ruling. All against all.

SUPPORT FOR. “This sentence is for the campaign of the head of the City Government, who will surely be the opposition candidate,” he protested. Cristina Kirchner at the Avellaneda event on Tuesday 27. It was a relief for the President that his vice and political leader will accompany him in the claim.

Is that Alberto Fernandez he went for everything and backed down. His comings and goings, once again, left the leaders of the Frente de Todos offside. He barely knew the sentence and, emboldened by what some Peronist governors suggested, the President announced that he would not abide by the Court’s ruling. Such an act of rebellion made many opponents react, who denounced that the system of division of powers was endangered.

But days later, the President reversed and assured that he would pay what was demanded, although he would do so with government bonds. That angered those who had celebrated his intransigence. It is known: the President finds it difficult to let his own conform. In this context, the minutes that his vice dedicated to the sentence gave him peace of mind.

behind Christina The words of many other leaders who attacked the decision of the highest court remained: “The shameful ruling of the Court initiates and finances Larreta’s electoral campaign. They are not going to take this from above”, protested the trade unionist Hugo Yaski. “Those who asked not to use the World Cup to distract, take advantage of this moment of celebration for this shameful ruling, which only reinforces inequalities between the richest city in the country and the rest of the provinces,” argued the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza.

Most of the governorss of the PJ too express your support. Not only with public expressions, but also with presentations in the Justice to accompany the appeals presented by the Government: Axel Kicillof, Gerardo Zamora and Raúl Jalil were some of those who accompanied.

The sentence for co-participation raised the political tension of a December that the Government had been able to surf without problems, thanks to the sporting achievements of Lionel Messi’s team. But the judicial fair in January gives the situation some breathing room: the dispute will continue in February.

NEXT ROUND. Until the highest court meets again and decides on the admissibility or not of the appeal filed by the Treasury attorney, Carlos Zannini, there will be little to do.

Alberto Fernández would call extraordinary sessions in Congress to move forward with the budget modification or, directly, with a new law that creates a tax destined to obtain the resources to pay the City.

“The Court coerced the President to commit a crime,” former magistrate Raúl Eugenio Zaffaroni warned them. It is that, according to his analysis, “they ordered him to take money and pay CABA, but since there is a Budget Law voted, if the President uses the money for something not provided for in the law, he incurs embezzlement.” With that argument they will go to discuss the issue in Congress.

In the Government, he believes that, with the appropriate obstacles, the system for the AFIP to transfer the money to Banco Nación and this to the City could only be put into practice in February, when the Court will already discuss the admissibility or not of the appeal presented by the Treasury Attorney. However, Larretism does not want delays. For this reason, barely a day has passed since the sentence of the highest court and it has already acted in Justice for the lack of application: “We presented in Comodoro Py the criminal complaints against all officials, including those of Banco Nación, for not complying with the ruling. We are going to go through with this until they have to fulfill their duty, ”he highlighted in a conference.

In Casa Rosada they evaluate what happened. They protest because Larreta stayed in the center of the ring, just before the start of the electoral campaign. Without looking for it, they reinforced it in the main opposition leader. But beyond the involuntary benefit, he believes that, if they find themselves on the path of “unitarians and federals”, they can harm the mayor of Buenos Aires: they will try to show that his position is unfair to the rest of the country.

“We allocate such an amount of money to a city that is debating whether it has more subways and in the north they are debating whether they have more water,” Alberto Fernández justified himself. And he added: “They are asking me to send 203 square kilometers the same amount of money that 80 thousand kilometers need in the north of Argentina. To whom can it seem fair? The argumentative turn could be the Achilles heel of a Larreta who needs to campaign throughout the country. A controversy that takes vacations and that will return in February.

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