Axel Kicillof: “They wanted to ban Cristina even with a shot and we are not going to allow them to ban her”

The Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillofnotify this Monday, February 27 that They are not going to “allow them to ban” Vice President Cristina Kirchnerby questioning Justice again.

They wanted to ban Cristina even with a shot and now they try to do politically and civilly. We are not going to allow them to ban it,” Kicillof launched in Mar del Plata, when participating in a plenary session of delegates from the CGT and the CTA.

In that sense, I said that they will not allow that “lying judges and jerks say that it is forbidden, that he is guilty and that he cannot be what he wants to be”.

Axel Kicillof in Mar del Plata.

According to the provincial governor, Cristina Kirchner is “the one that represents the most and has the most capacity in terms of votes, more experience and more word.”

“2023 is an electoral year that together will allow us to continue developing public policies that defend the rights of workers and prevent the right from coming,” said Kicillof, along with Hugo Yasky, Roberto Baradel and Aberl Furlánamong others.

Survey in the province of Buenos Aires: numbers in favor of Axel Kicillof and the Frente de Todos

And he continued: “It is a hinge year, very important; a year that will mark the future of all the Argentines where in unity we will say never again to neoliberalism in the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina and in Mar del Plata”.

“In 2015 we suffered defeat and a neoliberal government took office and in 2019, when the media in the Federal Capital and the polls gave it as if María Eugenia Vidal was the winner and they filed legal complaints at us and we suffered persecution and espionage, the workers’ unit, the Peronism led us to reverse the situation and the Argentine people and the rights of the workers won”, added the provincial president.

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