“Argentines are rude”: the harsh spot by Maxi Ferraro

The candidate for national deputy of the space of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta in CABA he published a spot with a harsh tone in which he pointed to the teachers’ unions. “Argentines have been rude for a long time“, the video begins, where he focuses on the strikes and calls for a “revolution in education.”

“Teachers who live on unemployment, that is bad education. That 46% of the boys in 3rd grade do not understand what you read, that is rude. That 9 out of 10 students did not finish high school on time and with adequate knowledge, that’s bad,” he said. In the background, images of Suteba’s general secretary, Roberto Baradel, a regular recipient of the “sticks” of education from the leaders of Together for Change, are reproduced.

The spot continues: “We have to recover education in order to build a future for Argentina, with 190 days of guaranteed classeswith committed and trained teachers, with accompaniment for those who need it most, with modern practices in keeping with the times that run”.

“I invite you to make together the education revolution. Let’s make the change of our lives,” she concluded.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta announced nine proposals for an Argentina without inflation

A few days ago, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta premiered a campaign point at the close of the first week of proselytizing activity towards the PASO on March 13.

The presidential candidate for Together for Change emphasized that “I believe in respect and not in those who need to insult to get some advantage”, with a frame where the face and voice of the vice president appear diffusely Cristina Kirchner.

It is that throughout the video, the voice of the current Buenos Aires head of government is heard in off, with the repetition of the key word “I think”.

I believe in listening, before speaking; I believe in doing, after listening; I believe in building and not in dynamiting; I believe in respect and not in those who need to insult to get some advantage; I believe in work teams and not in authoritarian leaders; I think that in times of crisis, there are those who enjoy throwing gasoline on the fire and we are those who make an effort to put it out,” he is heard saying in the first part.

Rodríguez Larreta presented his proposals: “We seek to end Kirchnerism forever”

And he continues: “I believe in adding all the good people to change our history once and for all; I believe in working, working and working; I think that everyone has to have the peace of mind that when they are going to sleep I am going to continue there, leaving life for and for each of us who live here.”

In closing, the candidate and representative of the “soft wing” of Together for Change concludes: “I believe in change, yes, but not in any changeI believe in the change that will change our lives. Let’s make the change of our lives.”