Alexis Mac Allister reveals details of the consecration in Qatar: “We have not completely fallen yet”

Alexis Mac Allister clarified his statements that his life “continues to be just as boring” after being crowned world champion with the Argentine National Team and explained that he continues “to be the same person.”

After going viral that phrase that he had in dialogue with daily mailHe replied to those who did not fully understand: “I laughed because it came out everywhere that I said that it was the same boring life. There was someone who told me ‘you’re world champion and you’re bored…'”.

“I was referring more than anything to the issue of routine, of the way of being. I’m still the same person, I still have the same routine and I live life in the same way. And I enjoy it a lot, don’t worry, I’m not bored, I come home, sit on the couch, drink mate and watch football. I really enjoy it, it’s not that I suffer and get bored. It did change my life in the sense of recognition, but everything else continues to be the same,” the midfielder clarified.

“It changed my life in the sense that, first, I fulfilled the dream that I had since I was little and that of every footballer. And when it came to recognition”added.

Later, he clarified that he was “very happy to have achieved it.” A joy that will last forever, until the grayest days clear up: “When I have a day in which things are not going very well, just remembering that whole month that we lived and remembering that I am world champion, makes me happy”express.

“We have not yet completely fallen. Over the years, we will realize even more of everything we have achieved. In the bus, when we celebrate with the people, we take on a little dimension and we are aware that we are fulfilling the dream every player, but as the years go by we are going to enjoy it more”, explained the one who emerged from Argentinos Juniors in dialogue with T&C Sports.

Later, he referred to the call of people who received them in Argentina: “The five million people was crazy. We expected it, but at the same time seeing the faces of the people, how they cried and ran next to the bus, The truth is that it was all crazy and a shame not to have been able to control the entire route”.

Finally, we reveal what it was like to experience that last penalty in the final against France, with which the Argentine National Team became world champion: “I had a weird one that was when Cache (Montiel) scored a penalty. I had a minute in which I looked at my family, two tears fell and then all that sort of passed, I felt joy and I didn’t feel like crying He was calm and enjoying the moment.”

It was exciting and cute when the family entered the field. At the moment that I fell a little, that some tears fell, it was when we were in the bus celebrating with the people, “he said.

Source: NA