Alberto sent a conciliatory message before the Legislative Assembly

This Tuesday, March 1, the opening of ordinary sessionswith an important swell, since Alberto Fernandez He sought the support of different sectors to arrive with a political back, something that cost him a lot. This was reported by the journalist Alejandro Gomel in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

On the one hand, a massive mobilization of the Social Organizations, something that was dismissed by its own protagonists. In addition, there was pressure and this is how some movements will be to support the President.

In turn, yesterday he met with Axel Kicillof, something that has not happened publicly for quite some time. That’s where she tried to be more conciliatory and he said that regardless of who the candidate is, the important thing is to continue with the same project.

Alberto Fernández goes to Congress: Cristina, the intern and mega security operation

“What I ask of the Argentine people is that they do not divert the path,” he said Alberto Fernandez this Tuesday. And he added that “it doesn’t matter who is going to preside over Argentina, but it does matter that he is one of ours so that the movement and the political sense that we have given to the country are not altered.”

It also took time to get back to Criticize Mauricio Macri for his management, something that made the opposition leaders uncomfortable, who even threatened to get up from their seats in Congress if they maintained their discursive tone.

Alberto Fernández opens ordinary sessions without support and with more enemies than allies

It will be a midday full of gestures, and the main focus will be on the presence of Cristina Kirchner. Although the vice president does not give a speech in Congress, Cristina always speaks, even if it is from the gesture. And the reaction of the leaders of the Frente de Todos themselves will also be analyzed.


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