A footballer did Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and got a scare: “I thought I was going to die”

For years, Cristiano Ronaldo complies with a very strict diet that keeps him in the elite at 38 years old. However, the Portuguese routine is not for anyone. the brazilian soccer player Gabriel Menino said that he wanted to imitate crack to return to being a starter at Palmeiras and that it almost cost him his life.

in dialogue with Cast of Palmeiras, Menino recalled that he wanted to try Cristiano’s diet to get back to full physical health and I convinced his DT to give him a chance in the first team.

The diet started with: an egg and supplements for breakfast, of new supplements before training, in the afternoon and before going to sleep, grilled fish or meat and salad for lunch and dinner, according to the footballer

The next day he was called for the game and immediately noticed the effects: “I was warming up and the only thing I thought was: ‘I’m going to die’. Five minutes into the game he could no longer run, he needed to be replaced“he counted.

Thanks to the player, one of his teammates was being treated by the doctors, so He took advantage of the break to have an isotonic drink and applied a gel.

After the episode, Menino put aside the Portuguese crack diet and started a nutrition plan with the doctors from the São Paulo group that prepared a diet for him according to his weight, height and physical mass.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s commitment to his physical condition

Cristiano Ronaldo, 38, a player for Al Nassr from Saudi Arabia, is a fervent supporter of diet and a healthy lifestyleand even publicly showed his distaste for sugary drinks.

During Euro 2020 with the Portugal team, a bottle of the brand “Coca-Cola” from the press conference table and said “Water!”a gesture that quickly went viral.