16-year-old twins presenting the same symptoms of cancer, but only one has the disease

Ever since Sophie, her twin sister, was diagnosed with a type of kidney cancerMegan began to suffer the same symptoms as her despite not having the disease.

It is the story of the walker sisters, 16-year-old girls from Edinburgh, Scotland. As reported to the British newspaper MirrorSophie was diagnosed with a type of kidney cancer in 2017 when she was just ten years old after experiencing rare cramps caused by a stomach virus.

It was some time later, with her inner sister, when Meghan started exhibiting the same symptoms, despite being healthy. The young woman began with stomach and back pain, extreme paleness, and weight loss.

They quickly thought that she was beginning to suffer from the same disease as her sister, but after doing the corresponding studies, they realized that they did not yield any negative results. “People comment on how sick she looks all the time, she’s even paler than her sister,” commented the sisters’ mother, Rebecca Walker. “All the tests have been done and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s so strange”added.


The mother commented that the adolescents are not the only daughters she has. The twins have eight more brothers but they take care of each other: “While the older ones take care of the younger ones at homeMeghan stays in the hospital next to Sophie, sometimes until 3 in the morning.”.

Sophie’s current state of health

The type of kidney cancer suffered by the twin is known as Wilms tumor. Her mother says that after she was diagnosed, she began her chemotherapy process and has presented some health problems: “He went into remission twice, but relapsed four times“, said.

After a relapse in December 2021 and a remission in December 2022, Sophie relapsed again this 2023. Her parents said that, in six years of struggle, this is the first time that his daughter has collapsed.


“They told me to take her and make memories, as long as she is well enough,” Rebecca told local media. Sophie is expected to have surgery very soon for a tumor located on her spine.

While, at the same time, continues to battle anxiety and depression. For her part, Meghan says she feels the same way as her twin sister. “Meghan just can’t settle if Sophie isn’t there. We have a big family and everyone looks out for each other, but Meghan has been struggling a lot,” Rebecca concluded.


What is Wilms tumor?

Wilms tumor is a kidney cancer that mainly affects children. According to the Mayo Clinic health website, this most often affects children ages three to four and is less common after age five.

The frequent symptoms of this disease are: abdominal swelling, pain, mass in the abdomen, blood in the urine, fever, nausea and vomiting.

This disease has five stages:

Stage I: It is only in one kidney and totally contained within it. It can be completely removed by surgery.

Stage II: The cancer has spread to the tissues. It is still possible to remove it entirely by surgery.

Stage III: The cancer has spread beyond the kidney area. The tumor may be inside the abdomen before or during surgery, or it cannot be completely removed by surgery.

Stage IV: Cancer has spread outside the kidney to distant structures, such as the lungs, liver, bones, or brain.

Stage V: Cancer cells are found in both kidneys (bilateral cancer).


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