YPF Championship: All the results of date 10

This Monday closed the date 10 of YPF Championship Delaware First divisionwhere Boca Juniors remains the sole leader after winning a difficult duel Ferro by 1 to 0.

In addition, the escorts Platense and Rosario Central and UAI Urquiza won in their respective matches and are only two units away from The Gladiators.

All the results of date 10

friday may 5

Racing 1 (Luana Muñoz) – Belgrano 0

Mouth 1 (Yohana Masagli) – Ferro 0

Saturday May 6

SAB 0 – Students (LP) 0

Gymnastics 0 – River 3 (Justina Morcillo, Carolina Birizamberri and Magalí Díaz)

Platense 2 (Fátima Barone and Camila López) – Hurricane 0

sunday may 7

Defenders of Belgrano 2 (Analía Baini and Camila Alsina) – Lanús 0

San Lorenzo 1 (Juana Fonseca) – Independent 4 (Gabriela Herrera, Juliana Franco and Mercedes Pereyra x2)

Banfield 0 – Estudiantes 3 (Nicole Hain, Evelyn Aguirrez and Gabriela Chávez)

UAI Urquiza 7 (Daiana Falfán x3, Micaela Sandova and Romina Núñez x3) – El Porvenir 2 (Karina Merlo and Ángeles Díaz)

monday may 8

Rosario Central 2 (Lara López and Belén Díaz) – Hikers 0

Positions table