Young IT: when and where will the most important technological event of the year be?

In a few days the event will begin that will summon the entire technological sector from the country. The Young IT Fair is carried out from April 19 to 23at the fairgrounds Technopolis Parkwith a varied schedule of conferences and workshops given by the main leaders in the sector, experiences to get in touch with the latest trends and the presentation of artists such as La Joaqui, Rusherking, Lit Killah, FMK, Ángela Torres and more surprise guests.

The initiative aims provide tools and open the door at different possibilities offered by technology for the individual, collective and inclusive development of young people. IT Joven is a space to find out of the new opportunities and prepare for the future.

“From the National State, through the National Youth Institute (Injuve), we deploy public policies that use this key role to promote it and articulate it with the private, academic and public sector, in an area that is strategic for Argentina. The young IT fair is one of them. What the fair seeks is to bring all the tools offered by technology and innovation to grow, project and enjoy our lives,” he says. julia epsteinexecutive director of Injuve.

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For his part, M.Icaela Sanchez MalcolmSecretary of Public Innovation of the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers comments: “Young people will have the opportunity to improve access, capacities, skills and opportunities to use information and communication technologies, in addition to finding a powerful opportunity professional development in this sector.

Furthermore, he adds:We are facing a historic opportunity to promote development of this industry and what better to do through the promotion of training, talks and workshops that are going to be offered in the Young IT Fair”.

The event will focus on building a unique space so that those interested can present their individual development projects, and also work, within the framework of a wide range of tools. “What we were missing was a place to learn about all the professional and vocational paths that were opening up,” says Epstein.

Young people will be able to access special technology workshops, participate in workshops with companies, educational institutions and NGOs. There will also be talks and conferences with prominent personalities from the sector. In addition, there will be different exercises that will test skills through a wide variety of proposals.

The Secretary of Public Innovation understands that this event is also an extra motivation to address gender gaps in the universe of technology, where worldwide the representation of women in companies is around 28%, and in positions of decision making drops to 8%. “Women and diversity are absolutely underrepresented in the industry and that obliges us to promote the participation of women in technology”, adds Sánchez Malcolm.

Young IT experiences

With free admission, during the five days of the fair there will be activities on topics such as the training of developers and programmers, the care of personal data and digital identity, financial technologies (cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and virtual wallets), technology and climate change and how take advantage of new developments to mitigate the damage to the planet, among other topics.

The central focus of the event will be on digital inclusion to guarantee access to youth rights. At the same time, it will seek to provide the new generations with tools in decision-makingsince it will be the youngest who will end up using and promoting the use of future technologies.

In this sense, the fair will feature private companies, organizations, universities, entities and state programs, that will promote activities related to software development, production and assembly of hardwaretechnology and innovation, among others.

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Some interactive spaces will contain the possibility of living the experience of electronic sports, with a room for E-sports to develop online game matches (League Of Legends, Minecraft, GTA, etc.). In addition, there will be an immersive space to learn how augmented reality is applied in different industries: medicine, cinema, technology, among other.

For gamers, there will be a space related to 360 video booth°, with the setting of a special cabin that will allude to a streaming via Twitch.

Expert lectures and learning tools

The conferences will present learning tools for young people. Among the speakers who will analyze the impact of technology and will tell in first person how to adapt the resources they provide to your business or activity, there are: Mario Pergolini, Nico Occhiatto, Fabricio Ballarini, Eial Moldavsky, Martina Rúa and Santiago Bilinski, among others.

The first day of the eventGino Tubaro and Maria VallejosTelecom ambassadors, will present in the talk “Like technology”, about how technology became the greatest tool of change of our time.

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The virtual world also has challenges in terms of user security, mainly in respect for private information. In that sense, Lucia Fainboim, director of Education at Faro Digital, will have a dissertation on the dangers of virtuality. In the talk “Zoom to the perceptions of lxs pibes about digital violence”, where some problems experienced in this aspect and the needs around the digital culture of childhood and adolescence will be exposed

On the other hand, innovations for working in virtual teams -a phenomenon of work methodology that has spread since the coronavirus pandemic- will be present in an exhibition by Juan Pablo Romero Barenghi and Facundo Saralegui, both representing the cisco systemsglobal company expert in cybersecurity.

On the digital evolution of Mercado Libre and its policies to achieve gender equality in compensation, Soledad Dematteo, vice president of Sr. will be giving a talk Company product development.

Regarding the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence, Marcelo Rinesi, a data scientist who will address the talk, will be exposingHow to make the dead talk and other tricks with Artificial Intelligence”.

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