“You are a lioness”: winks from the main references of JxC to Vidal and the silence of Patricia Bullrich

The decision of the former Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal to get off the presidential candidacy of Together for Change he will leave the support of the main referents of his political space. The ex-president Mauricio Macri highlighted his “courage” and “loyalty” while Horacio Rodriguez Larreta I use this occasion to To congratulate to the national deputy and put cold cloths on the recent inmate. However, patricia bullrich for now did not pronounce about

The former president assured on Twitter that he not only respects the decision made by his colleague, but also admitted that “the future has a place” for her.

“María Eugenia, I have known you for many years and I have always respected you for your integrity, your courage and your loyalty to people and ideas”, expressed the leader of the PRO on his Twitter account. And he continued: “That is why the decision you announced today deserves all my respect. The future has a place for you, you will always have my support“.

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“You are a lioness”: Cristian Ritondo’s message to Vidal

“I am convinced that the challenge is even greater than in 2015. We need to put all our experience and desire into fighting to stop populism. I know you Mariu, I learned a lot from you. You are a lioness, warrior, leader. I will accompany you in all your decisions. Thank you“, he tweeted christian ritondo.

The Buenos Aires head of government and presidential candidate, Horacio Rodriguez LarretaHe was another of the JxC leaders in openly expressing his support for the initiative of María Eugenia Vidal.

“Before being a political force, we are a team that has been working together with millions of Argentines behind the same dream: to change Argentina forever. María Eugenia has been a fundamental part of this collective project for twenty years with an inexhaustible commitment. She is the protagonist of everything we did and everything we are going to do so that we live better. Mariu: it is an honor to be your friend for so many years, I love you, I admire you and I respect you“, Larreta said on Twitter.

JxC Suits 20230505

Diego Santilli I also leave you a message support to vidal following the decision he made regarding his immediate political future.

The referent spoke in networks of “a great gesture of responsibility and generosity of María Eugenia Vidal who guarantees the unity and strength of Together for Change to win this election and begin the path of profound transformations that we have to carry out in Argentina”.

JxC Suits 20230505

María Eugenia Vidal’s announcement about her political future

Through the same social network, María Eugenia Vidal had made her decision official and said that “a year and a half ago” she traveled the country, which is proud of the potential that Argentina hasbut that he cannot ignore “the anguish, fear and sadness” that “is transmitted to him in each province”.

“paralyzes inflationInsecurity scares, bad news stuns, the future is scary because the government does not give confidence,” said the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires.

“I am convinced that it is essential that Argentines trust that Together for Change is the way out. It is the only political space with the necessary equipment and experience to move the country forward,” she excludes.

And he added: “I know that the multiple candidacies only generate division and uncertainty. Individual projects cannot be above the whole”.

Mary Eugenia Vidal
Maria Eugenia Vidal. Photo: NA

In this sense, he announced that he will not be a candidate to keep the unit within his space: “‘Don’t fight, we are united’They told me at each tour. For this reason, because I listened to them and because I understand them, I decided that this time I am not going to be a candidate for president of the Nation.”

And he founded: “This, like every one of my political career, was taken on the street, not behind a desk. I decided by listening to those who want to educate themselves to progress, to those who choose freedom and not submission, to those who work and to those who that give work”.

“I decided by traveling and planning the future that I want for my country,” he said.

Vidal asserted: “I will continue working to defend unity, strengthening our proposals and bringing hope to every corner of the country that a better Argentina is possible. Without fights, without chicanas, without baseness“.

“Tomorrow they will find me in the same place as 20 years ago: working for and to recover Argentina,” he concluded.


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