Workshops visit Huracán and the Professional League can be defined

Talleres, River’s only escort, visits Huracán this Friday with the obligation to win to avoid the anticipated celebration of those directed by Martín Demichelis in the Professional League. The match, on the 25th, begins at 9:30 p.m. at the Tomás Ducó stadium, with arbitration by Fernando Echenique, Darío Herrera in VAR and on TNT Sports TV.

Talleres comes on stage after the draw at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium against Unión and without goals, which, except for a miracle of results, takes him out of the fight for the title against the leader River in these last three dates of the tournament.

The “T” has no choice but to win to prevent the early consecration of River, but even more important is to add the three points to consolidate second place in the general and annual tables, which will put it at the end of the season in the Copa Libertadores 2024, his main objective.

With three dates to go until the end of the tournament, River (54) has nine points, so Albiazul (45) should win the three remaining games and the pointer, who tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. will play against Estudiantes in the Monumental de Núñez, lose them. Otherwise, if Huracán cannot be beaten, River will begin to celebrate the title tonight. In addition, he should score many goals due to the wide difference that the leader has (+27 against +18).

Thursday in Mendoza

Halfway between this commitment and the very important one next Thursday against River, in Mendoza, for the 16th round of the Argentine Cup, DT Albiazul Javier Gandolfi would present a team with at least four or five changes, due to injuries, suspensions and the need to rest a couple of players to have them fully to face the Millionaire.

“Cobija” will have to regret the absence of the team’s top scorer, Michael Santos, after tearing up against Tatengue, and center back Juan Gabriel Rodríguez, who got his fifth booking. The Uruguayan would be replaced by Nahuel Bustos and former Defense and Justice, Lucas Suárez -if he recovered this week from a muscle injury that made him lose the last three games- or Tomás Palacios.