Working in Spain: the seven jobs most in demand

Spain has a labor market that goes slowly rising after its fall during 2020 and 2021. Along with the calm recovery, the country has a series of jobs that are increasingly in demand.

According to him National Institute of Statistics Español, in 2022, 278,900 new people were employed, 1.38% compared to the previous year. In this way, a figure of 20,463,900 employeesthe highest in 15 years.

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Despite this, a report by the human resources company Manpower points out that, by the first quarter of 2023, 7 out of 10 companies They do not plan to expand their staff.

But not to be discouraged, since there are sectors that are always in demand due to the shortage of workers to fill the requested positions. According to the Spanish Human Resources consultancy Cuni y Asociados, among them is the technologicalhe tradethe Logistics and the transport, and the industry hospitable and pharmacist.

Spain: the 7 jobs most in demand by 2023

1. Telemarketers and customer service agents.

Since the quarantine caused by the pandemic, jobs related to the online customer service They have experienced great demand and are still on the increase, which is why they are part of the most sought-after jobs in Spain in 2023.

Technical support, problem-solving and customer service skills are required for these positions. In addition, you can find a wide range of areas to work assisting consumers.

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2. Store boys

They are in charge of receive, store and send merchandise from a warehouse. The products received can be of any kind, from raw materials to machinery, depending on the type of warehouse.

Called waiters, the workers must check all the merchandise that goes in and out to make sure that there is no Missing, lost or damaged items.

This position began to be in greater demand with the boom in online salesbeing that the businesses store their products in warehouses to later be distributed throughout the country.

warehouse manager

3. Delivery or logistics drivers.

In relation to previous employment, with the growth of the online market, the purchases made must be sent by someone. The greater the demand, the greater the need for adaptation. This is where the delivery drivers for the thousands of orders that are made per day.

Even if you want to go further, you can logistics specialist, to be able to coordinate large-scale transport operations. A position that becomes a key axis in the most demanded jobs of the future.

delivery man

4. Administrative

The vast majority of companies need administrative staff in their teams, since they carry out essential work managing, planning and serving all support and support tasks of the organization.

Although some companies ask for training or experience in the position, on several occasions the companies themselves are willing to give the worker The necessary tools to carry out assigned tasks.

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5. Software Developer

With demand growing by leaps and bounds, the web developer profile it is almost certain that you can get a job, since practically any company today requires the presence of at least one.

Knowing how to program and obtain certifications that validate knowledge will be of great help to increase job opportunities. In addition to being one of the most in-demand jobs, the developer position is also one of the most better pay.

web developer

6. Shop assistants or employees

They are those people in charge of receive, serve and charge customers directly that goes to a local or establishment. Despite the rise of the online marketplace, in-person retail has not been completely replaced, so businesses are still looking for these types of workers.

7. Delegates and sales representatives

This is a position with many job opportunities, as in all business You need a person trained to persuade others and thus be able to effectively sell your products or services by creating an appropriate strategy.

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Among the most sought-after positions also stand out the trades professionals with skilled labor such as electricians, plumbers either locksmithssince there are fewer and fewer in the country.

How to get the work visa for Spain?

a way to power emigrate and work in Spainwithout counting on him passport oh the citizenshipis through the work and residence visa, which can be processed on your own account or on behalf of others.

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  • Residence and work visa for others:

It is a temporary residence and work authorization. must be requested by an employee for hiring a worker 16 year old mayor who does not reside in Spain.

The interested party needs a employment contracts, carried out by your employee, who has been authorized by the Government Delegation of the City Council where the company is located. In addition to a criminal record certificate legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To request this visa, the worker must fill out and sign the corresponding petition form that is provided by the Spanish consulates in Argentina.

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  • Residence and self-employment visa:

This documentation is intended for all those who want to perform self-employed work projects in spain. The visa authorizes foreign entrepreneurs over the age of 18 to carry out independent economic activities, but duly authorized by the Spanish labor body.


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