With an act, Gerardo Morales launches his presidential candidacy

Claudio Mardones told in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9), details of the release of Gerardo Morales as a pre-candidate for president, who this afternoon will be the formal actor of his campaign in the historic Gran Rex.

Mauricio Macri He has been saying, since last week, that there is a radical candidate who is the one with the most votes. It refers to the neurologist and national deputy facundo manes. However, Manes will probably not be present this afternoon at the Gran Rex, the place chosen by Gerardo Morales to launch his presidential candidacy.

driving the UCR He chose this date to launch Morales’s candidacy, one day after the February inflation index was known. It is not a minor issue for a radicalism that has gone through two critical moments in recent years, especially, looking in the short term, due to the situation of the inflation at different times.

The repercussions of triple digit year-on-year inflation

Morales He has been announcing his candidacy for a long time. There are others within radicalism that could also go out and compete. For now, Morales will be, this afternoon, the only speaker of the act in which, possibly, it will focus on three themes.

First of all, the announcement of a package of measures that will form part of his electoral platform. On the other hand, he is going to take up another of the axes of the political marketing of radicalism, speaking to the middle class with specific measures. Third, it is expected to make a critical assessment of the management of the front of all.

This launch comes at a time when Together for Change you haven’t finished defining your economic plan, as they had anticipated since last year. In the UCR they had raised that it was one of the conditions to close the agreements.

At the event, the founder of the Civic Coalition is expected to be present, Elisa Carrio. Some also fantasize about the possibility that he is the former senator and vice-presidential candidate for Mauricio Macri, miguel pichetto.

Facundo Manes: “The government makes the bomb grow and there are others who want it to explode now”

Just listen to some of the places and analyze the profile of the discourse that Morales is carrying out in the campaign to understand that he is trying to capitalize on the situation of persecution of social organizations, as well as the arrest of the social leader Miracle Roomdetained since 2016.

Despite the claims of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and multiple appeals, Milagro continues to be detained under house arrest.

Morales knew that this could hurt him in the election campaignand he has chosen to introduce a discursive and political marketing twist into his speech, which some will point out is correct, because it would help prevent the leak of votes for the extreme right that affects Together for Change.

Patricia Bullrich rises in the polls and the PRO mayors seek to annul the inmates in their districts

It will be necessary to be attentive to the speech and see if it complies with the strategic mandate of his party, to remove radicalism from the place of PRO caboose in Together for Change.

Morales has said on various occasions that the UCR was not part of the Macri government, something that is part of a kind of vendetta between the members of the opposition coalition, and that has to do above all with the fact of having asked the IMF for help.

Perhaps he will announce who accompanies him on the ballot, and if the idea of ​​the crossed formulas between references from the different parties continues. We will also have to pay attention to whether Horacio Rodriguez Larreta Give any indication about it.

Survey: Javier Milei prevails over Patricia Bullrich and Sergio Massa in voting intention

Radicalism never ruled out the possibility of having its own internship to define its candidate to compete in the PASO of Together for Change, but the reality is that times are no longer good, because in April the provincial elections and the presentation of lists for the national open primaries close in May.

Another fact to take into account is that the head of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, is still looking for a vice-presidential candidate within radicalism. One of the figures that many claimed that she was going to accompany her is alfredo cornejobut apparently the current senator for Mendoza longs to return to govern the province.

The fact that Cornejo has made this decision overthrows Bullrich’s strategy of pulling the radicalism sector that most adheres to Mauricio Macri to promote a schism that has already happened in the Chamber of Deputies, with the division of the UCR into two blocks.

Cornejo steps down from Bullrich’s vice presidency and goes for the governorship of Mendoza

One organic, led by Mario Negri, with 33 wills, and another led by Rodrigo de Loredo, referenced in Martín Lousteau, with twelve votes. Bullrich’s Bet was to project this division to the electoral internal.

Cornel announced his intention to go through Mendoza, just at the moment when javier milei finished giving up any expectation of joining an opposition front.

The centrality of the Province of Buenos Aires for the plans of Together for Change it has not changed, and, of course, also for radicalism as a political force. Part of that film will also be seen this afternoon.


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