Williams Tapón’s family accused the beaten referee of wanting to extort him and leak audios

The family of Williams Alexander StopperThe soccer player who took his own life after a video in which he attacked a referee during a match went viral, denounced that Ariel Paniagua, the injured referee, tried to extort the player. In that, they maintained that he would have asked his attacker for 300,000 pesos in exchange for not making the complaint.

The conversation was filtered by the Tapón environment on different television media. “I understand you, I understand because I was also on the side of the players, but I never disrespected them by wanting to hit. I repeat again, he could have killed me“The arbitration began in the audios that were awarded to him.

The wife of the young man who committed suicide after assaulting the referee spoke: “I didn’t want to go to jail”

In addition to this, the man stated that he received messages that They encouraged him to “complain” and “ruin” Tapón for the kick to the head that I hit him last Saturday. “I really don’t want that. I want to fix something with the kid and end all this,” he said about it.

In this sense, Paniagua explained that he also wants to finish the matter since “they are breaking his head” for some outstanding debts. “They are breaking my head too, I have some bills to pay and I couldn’t because of that stupidity that was sent. I needed that bit, for a reason I went to work a double shift (in reference to the tournament matches that he directed that Saturday) and in the end everything went wrong, ”he said.

“It’s not your fault or the team’s, it’s his fault. I give him until the afternoon to communicate with me, if not late or night I will have to go to make the complaint. The lawyer is rushing me” concluded the referee.

In a series of WhatsApp messages, Paniagua tried to communicate with Tapón through Maximiliano, a teammate from his soccer team during the game where the attack occurred. As can be read in the conversation, he wanted to talk to the athlete to resolve the conflict “before it explodes more than it already is”.

Likewise, he invites him to speak to him to “fix things for good” since, otherwise, justice will be involved. “They are rushing me to make the complaint and the truth is that I don’t want to do it before talking to him.”

According to statements by the player’s relatives, Paniagua contacted them through a private number and asked them for 300,000 pesos to not make the complaint. “The referee said to my brother ‘There are two ways to fix this: one is that you give me 300 thousand pesos and this remains here or the other is that I denounce you‘. My brother told him ‘Where do you want me to get that money? I don’t have, if you want to report, report me. I apologize,” said Priscila, the soccer player’s sister, in dialogue with Chronicle.

“I was looking for an apology, not money”: the version of Ariel Paniagua

As a result of the suspicions against him, Paniagua assured that he never “sought money” from the young man who attacked him. “I did not want to go out and talk, but many things are being said that are not true. I spoke to him on Sunday and told him that because of what he did, I could not raise the money, that he could have killed me. I was looking for an apology from the heart, not money“, he assured in dialogue with Radio Splendid 990.

Along the same lines, he regretted what happened to Tapón, who took his own life with a firearm: “The intention was not for him to commit suicide, but to raise awareness and not react with violence anymore. I am very sorry for the decision that the kid made“, accurate.

“I saw that they were drinking beer outside the field. I take the red off seven. He headbutts me, I go back. I never see William coming. He hits me with some pineapples, I fall and before I can get up he hits me with a kick in the head I woke up going to the hospital“, he detailed about what happened.

I didn’t want it to end badly. I spoke with him to see if he would come up with an apology from the heart. I never asked him for money. I explained to him that I was the father of a family, that it was the first match, that he cannot react like that. The only thing he told me is that he did it hot,” said the arbitrator, who denied the accusation that he had asked him for money to call the subject.