Will it be enough with the army in Rosario? An 11-year-old boy was murdered at a birthday party…

It is difficult to translate into words what is lived in rosary beadsthat already looks like one ‘narco city’, in which hundreds of thousands of people who study or work struggle to survive (or at least not to be hit by random bullets). In reality, they are besieged by a universe of daily, almost insane violence, while the authorities analyze what to do and speak of “multi-causality”, a particular euphemism when it comes to avoiding blame. The news of this Sunday is chilling and adds to so many: An 11-year-old boy was killed this morning in a shooting that broke out over a house where a children’s birthday was being celebrated…

The modus operandi was the same as always, the one that has already cost hundreds of crimes in recent years, In front of the house where that birthday was celebrated, two or three armed individuals appeared, that they broke into the house a rain of bullets, one of them hit the unfortunate little boy on the head. That was not the only terrible fact about the attack, because A 2-year-old girl was shot in the arm. and his painting is reservedwhile Two other boys, 13 years old, are in serious condition after receiving a bullet in the chest, and the other in the mouth…

Rosario, the capital of shootings: there are more and more attacks and an unprecedented prosecutor’s office in the country

How to survive in that universe of violence is now almost impossible, because it doesn’t matter “having nothing to do” with the drug empire, since no one is safe from these gunshot attacks by hitmen, who shoot at close range when they appear. In recent days the issue has gained even more notoriety because They shot at the supermarket belonging to the family of Lionel Messi’s wifebut no one is sure that they are not caught in the middle of these attacks without having anything to do with it.

Meanwhile, from the governor perotti to the mayor Javkinor President Alberto Fernández and other national officials, the reality is discussed and it is said that “something else will have to be done in Rosario.”

One of the bullet wounds received by the family premises of Lionel Messi’s wife, an attack in which he also left a threat to the player.

On the fact that this Sunday, the traditional the capital newspaper from that city said that the hitmen’s attack occurred in the humble neighborhood los pumitas, near the corner of Cabal and San José streets, around 2:30 in the morning. The causes, as always, are not known and the few resources that are still struggling to continue with the judicial task in Rosario are working on the investigation, a task in which the prosecutors risk their lives on a daily basis.

As specified, the boys who were shot were surprised by the rain, which perhaps did not have them as objectives, but they did have them as victims.

“The birthday was ending, it had been very simple, with pizza and juice, the boys were at the door and all this madness began”one of the boys’ relatives told The capital.

This is how Antonela Roccuzzo’s family supermarket was left after being shot

The expertise was limited to finding on the spot the blood stains and numerous pods served, all of large caliberand the perpetrators of the crime escaped through the corridors of that neighborhood, the police chased them and did not catch them, although they arrived at a motorcycle that they abandoned, which was stolen, and also in a nearby house they found weapons with filed numbers, a machine gun and several silencers.

The motorcycle, as indicated, had been stolen in another part of the city on February 24, and now the case has been under the magnifying glass of the prosecutor Adrian Spelta, who was on duty at the Painful Homicide Unit. An area that in Rosario has no rest.

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