Why there will be no debate in the election for mayor of Córdoba

The citizens of Cordoba will elect next Sunday 23 mayor of the capital city, although it will remain a few days before the elections that there will be no debate between the candidates.

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Although there is an ordinance approved by the Deliberative Council that requires the holding of a public debate, not yet regulated. Hence the impossibility of developing the discussion between the applicants of the different political forces.

The candidates Juan Pablo Quinteros (We are Córdoba) and Laura Vilches (Left and Workers Front) they had requested the municipal electoral board to hold the debate.

“Córdoba July 11, 2023. As requested by the political groups Frente de Izquierda y los Trabajadores – Unidad and the Somos Córdoba alliance, It does not take place, because the rule that provides for the holding of the public pre-election debate is not regulated”, indicates the decree of the Electoral Board.

And then the document signed by the electoral authorities adds that it is not “possible its organization attentive to the requirement of deadlines (Article 53 bis Ordinance No. 10,073 and its amendments)”.

The certificate of notification of the decree was posted by Quinteros in your personal social network account Twitter.

Thus there will be no debate between the candidates for mayor of córdoba either.