Who is the former adviser to Milman who involved Patricia Bullrich

Ivana Bohdziewiczthe former adviser to the deputy of Together for Change gerardo milman que acknowledged that a computer expert had erased his phone in some offices that would belong to Patricia BullrichHe admitted that he asked to advance his statement as a witness in the case of the assassination attempt against Cristina Kirchner because he felt “pressured”.

This is clear from the record of the extension of the testimonial statement that he gave last Friday before collaborators of the prosecutor Alejandra Mángano and other officials of the public ministry who served as assistants to the prosecutor’s office of Carlo Rívolo, who that day was on leave and this Monday he returned to his duties, in the federal courts of Commodore Py 2002.

Who is Ivana Bohdziewicz?

Ivana Bohdziewicz.

The 26-year-old lost her job in January after spending less than a year (she started in March 2022) as Milman’s “administrative secretary” in the Chamber of Deputies. According to Página/12, the woman was in charge of the opposition legislator’s agenda.

In his LinkedIn account, he says that he has been studying the career of Public Accountant at the Universidad Católica Argentina since January of this year. Previously, he studied the Technical Degree in Hotel Management from 2018 to 2022 at the La Suisse Institute. Previously, he had jobs as an administrative assistant and receptionist in the private sector.

From 2018 to February 2022, she worked as an administrative secretary at the Ministry of Transport. She then went on to work for Milman.

Alberto Fernández: “Patricia Bullrich and Gerardo Milman have to explain themselves”

What the former adviser to Milman declared

Bohdziewicz assured that this phone erasure operation was carried out in Patricia Bullrich offices on Avenida de Mayo approximately on November 10 of last year, when the vice president’s complaint had requested the seizure of the devices.

The statement reveals an alleged misleading maneuver towards the judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti and to the prosecutor carlos rivoloWell, in the deletion of the telephones they were also manipulated those of Milman himself and those of Carolina Gómez Mónaco, another collaborator of the deputy.

Bohdziewicz lost his job last January, but Gómez Mónaco continues on Milman’s staff and it was she who was interested in knowing what her former partner would say in the extension of testimony, as evidenced by captures of chats that she presented in Justice, the agency reported. N/A.

“Carolina said that she should put her batteries together, that she should give us support, that with the World Cup nothing would calm down, and He tells me that Milman told him that he had spoken with Patricia and that he was going to send us an expert to see the information that cell phones have because it was likely that our information would be leaked.“said the witness.

gerardo milman
gerardo milman

Bohdziewicz confessed to being “terrified” by this eventual leak and that the Calls from Gómez Mónaco when they were no longer co-workers scared her.

“An exact month without talking to anyone. Carolina sends me some messages, and at that point I already I feel very pressured for this matter”, he summarized.

“Asked by the Assistant Prosecutor to the appearing party to say if she knows if Gómez Monaco or Gerardo Milman had any information on their phones that could be related to the fact that is being investigated in these proceedings, she replied: ‘No, otherwise I would have agreed with respect to Gómez Monaco, and regarding Milman’s telephone number, I don’t know”, reads one of the paragraphs of the statement.

Gómez Mónaco had a second line that was not registered in his name and that was not turned over to Justice; the other, the one that was in her name, the secretary bought a new phone and that was the one she took to the Capuchetti court.

We went to Av. De Mayo 953, third floor, Patricia Bullrich office, if I’m not mistaken, we got there, there was no one, there was only Milman with the expertwhose name I don’t remember, but he was dark, big, about 60 years old, dressed in civilian clothes, I don’t remember if he was with a cane,” Bohdziewicz said.

Milman's Advisors 20221110
Carolina Gómez Mónaco, Milman’s other adviser.

Milman boasted of “seeing the future” with custody of Cristina

In expanding his testimony, Bohdziewicz also revealed that Milman used to boast to his team of collaborators that he could “see the future”, after presenting draft declarations on the custody of Cristina Kirchner in the Lower House fifteen days before They will try to assassinate the Vice President.

When this happens (because of the attack) I remember that ‘Jerry’ (by Milman) tells us in a group to look for the project for that day -I don’t remember the date- and that we read it, like ‘canchereando’, like he saw the future. We were talking about the custody project and all that stuff, which I didn’t really read,” expressed in the statement to which the agency agreed telam.

ivana bohdziewicz 20230508
Ivana Bohdziewicz, a former adviser to Milman.

Milman’s project on the custody of Cristina Kirchner

In this section of her testimony, the former collaborator of the PRO legislator referred to a draft declaration that Milman presented in the Chamber of Deputies on August 18, 2022 as a signatory and with the accompaniment of deputies Francisco Sánchez (PRO- Neuquén), Héctor Stefani (PRO-Tierra del Fuego), Pablo Torello (PRO-Buenos Aires), Ingrid Jetter (PRO-Corrientes), Alberto Asseff (PRO-Buenos Aires) and Carlos Zapata (Now Patria-Salta) as co-signers.

That draft declaration, which was registered in the Chamber of Deputies under number 4229, It was presented two weeks before the night of September 1, 2022 when Fernando Sabag Montiel fired twice centimeters from Cristina Kirchner’s face.

In that request, Milman and the other legislators asked the Executive to inform through the Ministry of Security, the AFI and other organizations if it had put together “a contingency plan” for the purpose of “preserving the security of protagonists of judicial cases” after the scenario opened by the verdict of the Federal Oral Court (TOF) No. 2 in the Highway case.

Gerardo Milman’s adviser denounced operations against him and responded to Cristina Kirchner

However, the most controversial fragment of the project was in the last three pages, where the representative of Juntos por el Cambio explained its foundations: there, Milman requested that “the security forces, and the minister who commands them (by Aníbal Fernández)“be “attentive” and “act preventively in the physical clothing of prosecutors, judges, witnesses, journalists and even the Vice President of the Nation.”

And then follows the most controversial phrase, a definition that even led to several complaints from deputies of the Frente de Todos and the lawyers of the former president and head of the Senate.

It is not going to be that some enlightened avant-garde tries to favor the climate of violence that is being put together, with a false attack on the figure of Cristina, to victimize her, get her out of the judicial ropes in which she finds herself and cannot leave, and recreate a new October 17 that vindicates it before its followers“Milman wrote almost at the close of his presentation.

The scandal over Bohdziewicz’s statement

The dissemination of the declaration, advanced on Sunday by the morning Page 12causing the vice president’s reaction, Cristina Kirchnerwho today published an article from the Brazilian press on his social networks: “These are the expressions of a deputy from the Federative Republic of Brazil published yesterday upon learning, through @pagina12, the testimony of a former adviser to the deputy Milman”.

“It is very impressive not only the naturalization of political violence against me, but also the cover-up of the assassination attempt that occurred on September 1,” added the vice president. Also the president Alberto Fernandezechoed the situation and asked Bullrich and Milman to explain themselves.

Patricia Bullrich 20230426
The president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich.

On their social networks, patricia bullrich posted a tweet: “They do not know what to invent anymore in the face of the total and utter failure of his pathetic co-government. With me, on December 10, Kirchnerism ends.”

In the judicial case there are no records indicating that Bohdziewicz has or has had any link with Kirchnerism, the agency reported. N/A.

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