What will the president’s operation be like?

President Alberto Fernández suffered a “lumbar disc herniation”, as reported this Tuesday by the official medical report, for which he must undergo an operation. This was reported by the journalist Pablo Corso in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

You will be operated on for a herniated disc or vertebral impingement, which will occur when too much exerted on a nerve by the broken tissue, which can be muscle, bone, cartilage or tendons.

As for the symptomsDecreased sensitivity in the area, intense pain that can extend outside the area of ​​focus of the problem, tingling sensation and muscle weakness in the affected area are mentioned.

What causes a herniated disc and what does the root block consist of that will do Alberto Fernández

Although more conservative treatments are generally recommended, in some cases it is necessary to reach intervene in the operating roomas is the case of the President, with the aim of relieving pain in 48 or 72 hours.

The root block that will be done Alberto Fernandez It consists of a procedure that can be guided by tomography or fluoroscopy, which consists of inserting a small needle, reaching the nerve root, and administering anti-inflammatory medication.

Medical report: Alberto Fernández suffered a “herniated lumbar disc”

In many cases, it is a outpatient process, so the President could be discharged that same day. And in a small fraction of cases, a more invasive measure is considered, such as an operation in which the fragments that are compressing the nerves can be removed.

It is a small incision surgery, where the spine is accessed through the microscope, and thus the hernia that is pressing and causing pain is removed. Since the President has a history, this is part of the medical team to make a decision to relieve pain.


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