What the toxicological results say about the body of Emily Rodríguez

Justice agreed to the results of the toxicological tests that were carried out on the model emily rodrigueswho died on March 30 in Retiro and has the businessman involved in the case Francisco Saenz Valiente.

The expertise carried out by the Forensic Medical Corps revealed that Emily had traces of cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, ketamine, and MDMAwhich indicates a coincidence with the account of two women present at the private party who maintained that the model used drugs.

Another piece of information obtained was that swabs in search of sexual fluids in Rodrigues’ body were negative together with the expertise of the two conservatives found in the department of Valiente where neither blood nor semen was found.

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These results validate what was reported in the autopsy, which indicates that Emily has no signs or injuries of sexual abuse.

Given these measures incorporated into the investigation, the case continues without a fixed course since Prosecutors Santiago Vismara and Mariela Labozzetta maintain that the businessman is guilty of femicide and of providing the model with narcotics.

Even so, on April 19 Judge Martín Del Viso announced the lack of merit against Sáenz Valiente by maintaining that the prosecutors still do not have evidence against him and for this reason was released.

Since the beginning of the investigation, the businessman and his lawyer, Rafael Cúneo Libarona, state that Emmily used drugs and alcohol of her own free will.

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Despite the judge’s decision, prosecutors maintain their position, especially after three syringes were found in Valiente’s apartment, one of them with a strange liquid.

This would be related to the forensic result on calls to 911. On this occasion, the experts indicate that a woman yells: “I got pricked!”.

Given this finding, Libarona announced that in the autopsy no competent lesions were found with a puncture.

For May 30, the Justice ordered an expertise in the biological area of ​​the chemical laboratory, where test for human blood.


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