What is the plan to clean up and save Lake San Roque?

Given the serious situation that is afflicting the entire the san roque lake basinThe government of the province of Córdoba announced the implementation of a plan that will have as its first objective to reverse the contamination that is flowing into the waters of the main water mirror of Villa Carlos Paz and one of the most important in the entire mountain province.

As explained through a press release from the provincial government, the works, which are already beginning to be carried out by taxi, throughout the basin, will require a Total investment of 52,000,000 dollars.

The plan calls for the construction of two treatment plantsas well as that of new sewage collectors that go from Cuesta Blanca to Villa Carlos Paz and that of one aqueduct that will provide drinking water to the town of Tanti.

In this way, once these works are finished, which will benefit 14 towns in the basin, 95% of its inhabitants will be able to connect to sewage networks.

“All these works are part of the provincial sanitation plan and we are building 40 treatment plantsmany kilometers of sewage collectors and an important investment in dollars is made”, explained the Minister of Public Services of Córdoba, Fabián López, in an interview with El Diario de Carlos Paz.

0805_San Roque Lake

“We are talking about the most important investment that has been made in terms of sanitation in the history of San Roquey comprises three fronts: the first is the construction of a Processing facilities outpost located in Santa Maria de Punilla, which will benefit the inhabitants of the middle basin and is 61% complete. Afterwards, a similar plant is being removed in so muchwith an advance of 65% and, the third front, is a sewage collector that comes from white slope to villa carlos peace and it has an advance of 30%”, added the Cordovan official.

Regarding the remediation works in the reservoir, the plan contemplates putting a stop to the sewage dischargesas well as solving, together with the authorities of each locality, the serious problem of the urban solid waste that contaminate the waters of Lake San Roque-

0805_San Roque Lake

“Hay multiple actions that the municipalities are facing and understanding that we must all become aware of the importance of what is being done,” López said.

“We want to bring peace of mind to the people, a single investment and we are taking the solution that all the neighbors were waiting for”, he concluded.