What communes in Italy accept the digital certificate to process citizenship?

The communes of Italy accept digital records foreigners for the processing of the Italian citizenship with a six month validity From the moment of issuance of the consular registry, after said period, they will lose their validity and the procedure must be repeated to be evaluated by the authorities.

The way to carry out the procedure is the Electronic Document Management system (GEDO), scans or photos of certifications in printed format are not accepted. It is a module that resolves the creation, numbering, signature, filing and execution online.

The virtual documents to obtain the double nationality Thus, with a specific legalization, a verification code, and a web address through which they can be verified and controlled.

Italian citizenship: requirements are the three mandatory documents that must be processed from 2023

Digital certificate to transmit Italian citizenship

The files issued from the Argentina to obtain the Italian citizenship must be admitted since they are legally supported by circular 77 established by the Ministry of Interior of the European nation through which the Italian municipalities were notified that they must recognize the process initiated by the different entities of the territory Argentinian.

“The argentine acts in pdf format and with a digital signature, constituting an original document”, affirmed the national ambassador in Rome, Roberto Manuel Carlés, adding that “the civil certificates must be received with electronic apostille issued from April 15, 2019”.

Italian citizenship 2023: new consular fees apply from February

What are the requirements to process Italian citizenship by digital certificate?

  • All the ascending line must have been married and the corresponding certificates must be presented.
  • Be of age.
  • In the event that any member of the family has been divorced, the person concerned must have in his possession the sentence and the marginal note in the marriage certificate.
  • All errors in names, surnames, dates or places must be duly notified.
  • Demonstrate with specific supporting documentation the blood relationship with the AVO.
  • There can be no differences in the names and surnames of the AVO and its offspring.

Italian citizenship: how to apply for it in Italy and how much it costs

Step by step: how to obtain Italian citizenship
Processing of Italian citizenship by digital certificate

The term “AVO” refers to the ancestor who was born in Italy and then emigrated, that is, the first person in our ancestry born in the European country and from whom the genealogical line can be traced and access to the reconstruction of our Italian citizenship.

What communes in Italy accept the digital certificate to process citizenship?

  • Rome
  • Turin
  • palermo
  • Trapani
  • Naples
  • Milan
  • Rimini
  • ravenna
  • Ascoli
  • Picene
  • Grosseto
  • genoa
  • Troin
  • Somma Lombardo
  • bologna
  • Villa Franca Piedmont
  • Trieste
  • sabona
  • Prato
  • Arezzo
  • Chivasso
  • cremone
  • Formello
  • trent
  • Sesto San Giovanni

Italian citizenship by judicial means: the alternative for those who do not get an appointment

Italian citizenship
Consulate of Italy in Buenos Aires

Where is the apostille of the items carried out?

He apostilled of the games realizes in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Nationwhich usually take a usual period of 15 days and, if one argues urgent circumstance or situationcan be purchased at 72 hours. They are only sent by mail to Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mailboxes.


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