Waiting for the Carroza, the parody celebrates 38 years of national humor

The production of Argentine films continues to be referenced through Waiting for the carriage that, despite the passing of the years, maintains its validity 38 years of its premiere on the big screen a May 6, 1985 being considered at present as a “classic of national cinema”.

The dialogues that occurred between the characters were recorded in the collective memory of different generations of Argentines such as the famous “Three empanadas!” Delaware louis brandoni or the famous “I pout, she pouts! “ of the china skunk. In a new commemoration, it can be defined as a film that makes the DNA of our culture.

Without a doubt, having been part of a cinematographic creation that everyone remembers is something that you take with you. For Betiana Blum, who played one of her main roles in Nora’s shoes, especially since she has passed the years, many remind her of her performance at almost every step. “It is a film that was touched by the magic wand, especially because it is passed down from generation to generation, to the point that the Documentary “Carroceros” has now appeared. Looking back, I feel that Jacobo Langsner’s script is very funny. There there is a critical look at Argentines but at the same time loving, and that is what continues to stand out on the screen”, analyzed the famous comedian, Betiana Blum.

One of the main characters of the parody that came to life through a cast of renowned actors, is mom heart. The role of the temperamental grandmother who gets lost and puts the family in crisis was not originally going to be played by the multifaceted Antonio GasallaRather, the artist who found herself in the running was the famous comedian Marina Esther Traverso, popularly known as Niní Marshall.

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Waiting for the carriage

The story behind the role of Mama Cora in Waiting for the Carriage

The initial idea of ​​the director of Waiting for the carriage, Alexander Doria It was previously discarded at the beginning of filming because, according to his vision, he sought to avoid fearing that “the public sympathizes too much with the actress and does not become attached to the character of the grandmother who wanted to show herself.”

Due to this, to take away the seriousness of the appearances throughout the film, a person with more relaxed and funny characteristics was chosen to occupy that place in the story.

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Waiting for the carriage
Antonio Gasalla playing Mama Cora

“Antonio Gasalla He knew how to compose the character from the absurd and that he was also encouraged by the almost 5 hours it took to apply latex makeup to transform him ”, he pondered Alexander Doria

in the scene that mom heart she is watering the plants and someone insults her, it is the voice of Gasalla himself who responds and blurts out the woman in that part of the development.

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Antonio Gasalla’s opinion about Mama Cora

“Alejandro Doria will have a change, he will have to put her on the opposite sidewalk, to see the situations from there and to participate more,” praised the capocomico, Antonio Gasalla to the creator of Waiting for the carriage and added that “this character who, in the play appears not on stage, in the film gains strength and presence, making him central even when his scenes with the rest of the cast are minimal.”

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