Violent robbery of a retiree in Cordoba

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today 12:19

A retiree suffered a violent robbery during an entrance that occurred in the last hours in the Parque Vélez Sársfield neighborhood of the city of Córdoba.

The woman was dragged about 50 meters as she tried to prevent two assailants from taking over her car.

“I did not let him pass to start forward, so he put in reverse and I put him in the driver’s door and I learned from the car door”Teresita account.

“He backed up, zig zag, zig zag, and he fired me and slammed me onto the pavement. I reacted when he was on the ground and the car saw him going down Mendoza street ”added in statements to miter cordoba.

The woman suffered blows and bruises for which she should have received medical assistance.