Video: woman hit the taxi driver because he wanted to get her out of the car

In the city of Neuquén, a mother and her two small children got into a taxi. What seemed like another trip ended in the worst way. Added to the screams and fights between minors was the opening of one of the doors of the vehicle. The taxi driver stopped and asked them to get out because the children were “out of control.”

The violent episode broke out after the children of a woman who was traveling in a taxi opened the door with the vehicle in motion. The driver stopped to demand that they get off, which unleashed the mother’s fury. The sequence was recorded by the security camera that the taxi carries and went viral.

The driver claimed that he did so out of fear that some of the children would have an accident if they opened the door again. The woman’s reaction was contrary to the taxi driver’s idea. Enraged, she began with insults and ended up hitting the driver who ended up getting out of her own car and calling the police.

The event occurred on Sunday, May 7, around 8:00 p.m. and was recorded by the security camera that the taxi carries and went viral when it was published on the networks, without showing the face of the victim of the beatings.

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“When I saw her, the children were out of control, screaming, crying and did not stay still, but precisely because I was with children I stopped to take her,” said the taxi driver. “I thought I had to stop because it was dangerous because you could fall out of the taxi,” justified the driver when he noticed that one of the boys opened the door while the vehicle was moving.

“The woman did nothing to make her children calm down. She asked her to please try to grab her children so that they are not in danger, but she did not say anything to them,” said the taxi driver. Given the inaction of the mother in front of the facts, stop the taxi.

“Get out of the car, I don’t have to risk it,” the taxi driver demanded. However, the woman demanded that he continue the trip. This led to a discussion that gradually escalated and ended in the worst way.

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Not being able to convince him to continue the trip, the woman hit the taxi driver on the head, causing the driver to get out of his own car. When she got off, she asked the people who were at the stop to call the police. The passenger got out of the taxi complaining. Until one of the boys asked “not to call the Police.”

“She wanted to put me ahead of the boys, but I picked her up just for the boys. Then things got out of control and it was really dangerous. Look if a baby fell out of the car?” explained the driver. The driver uploaded the situation he had experienced to the networks and quickly went viral.


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