Video: Martín Tetaz launched a curious spot with his virtual version to the rhythm of Queen

The national deputy of Together for Change, martin tetazlaunched this Monday, May 8, a particular campaign spot presenting its virtual version, which will produce different reactions on social networks.

“I present to you a Martin Tetaz Virtual (MTV) who will star in the second season of the Grand Conurba, denouncing the results of 40 years of Peronism in the suburbs,” said the radicalism legislator on his Twitter account where he accompanied the text with a video of just over a minute.

Thus Tetaz presents his virtual avatar that will reduce different comments on the networks, from laughter and support to rejection. Under the rhythm of the song another one bites the dust Delaware Queen“MTV” dances and moves with lyrics that criticize Frente de Todos.

“Here comes Martín Tetaz”

“If you don’t make it to the end of the month and inflation hits you; They print pesos non-stop, damn corruption! You see? This doesn’t change anymore. It is time to progress. So you have to vote for one who really knows “, begins the single that continues with the main rhythm of the song under the lyrics: “Here comes Martin Tetaz“.

And he continues: “He already knows what to do. There are no chamuyos here. Here comes Martín Tetaz. Enough improvisation! These guys don’t come back anymore.” “The pandemic was a horror, they did not know how to handle it. They live making excuses and forget to govern. Are you happy? Will you vote for them again? Or do you want a real change? Enough of the same as always. Argentina deserves more” , expresses the single.

Martin Tetaz Virtual (MTV)

“Here comes Martín Tetaz. He works for you. For that, dress. Enough of the power outages and in the super pay more.”

Tense cross between Ramiro Marra and Martín Tetaz on TV by Ricardo Bussi: “He has 200 advisers”

The national deputy, who usually generates controversy and debate in his networks, has not yet given a concession for which position he is going to apply for, although he was one of the names that sounded like a candidate for radicalism to compete for the governorship of the province of Buenos Aires.

“On 5/24, 7:00 p.m. MTV will explain how to eliminate inflation, by streaming and networks.” Tetaz promised.

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