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Atlético Paranaense took Bruno Zapelli, Cruzeiro asked about a possible loan from Santiago Longo and until a couple of weeks ago Vasco da Gama had Pablo Vegetti on his agenda. For Belgrano fans, the news that has recently arrived from Brazil is not very encouraging.

Those who closely follow the fluctuations of the transfer market, assure that it was Ramón Díaz, the brand new coach of the ‘Time of Dust’, who lowered his thumb to the possible hiring of the captain and scorer of the Alberdi neighborhood team. In any case, the operation would not have been easy. Before the start of the current season, the ‘9’ renewed his relationship with the Pirate until December 31, 2024, with a termination clause that may be activated at the end of this year, in exchange for US$400,000.

“Contractually it is not possible for Vegetti to leave Belgrano at the end of the current championship, but we have to see how things turn out in the future. If an irresistible offer appears, it must not be ruled out that the club agrees to transfer it, in gratitude for what the player has given him in these four years”, they point out from the footballer’s environment. “It would have to be something extraordinary, because Pablo is very comfortable in the institution,” they specify.

In the last two seasons, Belgrano added 43 points on goals from Vegetti.

Since joining Celeste, on June 5, 2019, the attacker from Santa Fe played 121 games (118 as a starter and three coming from the substitute bench) and scored 62 goals. His effectiveness in the rival area, which includes 11 braces and a hat trick (on 2/22/2020, in the 3-2 draw against Barracas Central), positioned him as the club’s second player with the most goals in AFA tournaments, behind current president Luis Fabián Artime (94).

FRANCHISE PLAYER. The captain and scorer of ‘B’ is the best paid footballer of the sky-blue club. The buyout clause for him costs US$400,000. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

Price on the rise

Vegetti is one of the top scorers in the Professional League Tournament, a situation that put his name in the eyes of some clubs in our country, such as San Lorenzo and Estudiantes de La Plata, and several others abroad.

The huge gap that exists between the peso and the dollar makes any football market on the continent more seductive than the so-called ‘World Champions League’. “Here salaries are devalued every month, while abroad they are valued more every day for an Argentine player,” they point out, knowledgeable about the transfer movement.

They also point to Brazil as a ‘dream destination’ for many soccer players who play in our country: “Most of the Brazilian clubs are managed by private capital and investors invest heavily, especially for players with resale value. In a way, this takes away the chances of a player like Vegetti, who is 34 years old,” they point out.

“Several clubs in Brazil have asked about Pablo, but none have taken the next step,” revealed José Scozzari, the striker’s representative. “From Argentina, the only seductive destinations for the player could be River or Boca, which are full of forwards,” said the intermediary.

It should be noted that Belgrano owns 100% of the scorer’s file, so any interested party should negotiate with the entity.

Zapelli and VegettiBRAZIL, THE DREAM MARKET. Atlético Paranaense already took Bruno Zapelli, and Vasco da Gama had Pablo Vegetti in his sights. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

goals that add up

The mere insinuation that Vegetti could leave Alberdi makes the Belgrano fans, and also their leaders, stand on end. And is not for less. Making the logical and obvious salvation that soccer is a collective sport, it must be said that without the goals of its emblematic player, Belgrano today would be last in the Professional League Tournament, in the Annual Table and in the grid of averages.

The conclusion arises by translating the incidence of the goals scored by the player from Santa Fe in each game into points. Their captain’s conversions allowed ‘B’ to beat River (2-1), Central Córdoba (1-0), Arsenal (1-0), Gimnasia (2-0), Newell’s (1-0) and Atlético Tucumán (1-0), tie with Talleres (1-1) and change the tie for victory against Banfield (3-1). Neither more nor less than 21 points out of the 35 that until this weekend the cast directed by Guillermo Farré had added. 60% of the harvest.

Vegetti’s celebrations against Unión (3-0) and Vélez (2-0), although they were not decisive for the outcome of those matches, are also highly valued in a competition that defines some of its instances – champion of the Professional League Tournament and qualification for Cups – taking into account the goal difference and eventually the number of goals scored.

Without the goals from their captain, the Pirate would be last in the three league tables.

Making the same calculation, the conversions of ‘el Toro’, ‘el Tanque’ or simply Pablo, enabled ‘B’ to add 22 of the 79 units (27.8%) that consecrated him as the 2022 First National champion. (66), Mendoza Gymnastics (64), All Boys (60) and Estudiantes de Río Cuarto (58).

Last season, Vegetti’s aim was decisive for Belgrano to defeat Güemes (1-0), Nueva Chicago (1-0), Agropecuario (1-0), Brown de Adrogué (3-2) and Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn (1-0), add a point against Atlanta (1-1), Independiente Rivadavia (1-1) and Sacachispas (1-1), and change equality by victory against Deportivo Riestra (2-1) and Almagro (2-1). – 1).