Unstoppable dengue: prevention failures and the Thai variant

The heat wave that will be damaged until March, the lack of public and private prevention, and a particularly harmful variant will collaborate for the strong advance of the dengue in all the country. For more than a month, the virus has been circulating in 15 provinces in the center, north, northwest and northeast. And of the more than 41,000 reported cases, there are already 37 fatalities.

the infectologist eduardo lopez acknowledged that “this outbreak caught us off guard” as “little work was done in the winter to remind people that the junk It is the vital element to prevent the female mosquito from growing.” Fumigation, which kills the adult mosquito, is useful when focused on limited spaces such as neighborhoods or blocks, but the key is still to work on places with semi-stagnant clean water, which is where it puts eggs the female.

Two variants of dengue are circulating in the country: there are already 41,257 cases and 39 deaths

A second factor in the configuration of the outbreak is the circulation of the DENV-2 serotype, which in our country represents at least seven out of 10 cases. The Thai genotype of that variant, SEA, infects a higher proportion of mosquitoes, infects more rapidly, and has a higher viral load. The history of other outbreaks on the continent shows that it is associated with many cases of hemorrhagic fever, typical of the acute phase of the disease.

In this context, the Buenos Aires Vice Minister of Health, Alexia Navarro, clarified that -despite the drop in temperature- prevention measures must be maintained, since the mosquito survives in closed environments and the eggs can be kept for more than a year. As the vaccine could only begin to be marketed as of next summer, it is necessary to insist on the use of mosquito nets and repellent, weeding patios and gardens, and emptying swimming pools out of season.


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