Tuvalu TV launched: a new streaming channel

In a context of growth of digital proposalsTuvalu TV, a streaming channel, was born of entertainment, technology and business that are transmitted by YouTube and Twitch. On April 3, it was broadcast the first program, called “Login” Hosted by Desirée Jaimovich, Florencia Barbeira, Julieta Schulkin, Celeste Giardinelli, Maxi Fanelli and Damián Blanco.

Is about an initiative of Claudio Dicmonas and Martín Pérez, two entrepreneurs from the technology sector and event producers. Pérez founded Pinny App, the first homemade food delivery app in Latin America, Not School, an IT training space, and created the Millotón game. Dicmonas is the founder of the production company VirtualWorld, the largest provider of virtual reality in the region.

The “Login” Staff

The headquarters of Tuvalu TV is in Tucumán 133, in the heart of the Buenos Aires microcenter and cIt has a stage for talks, DJs, live music, coworking spaces, gastronomy and entertainment. “In this way, it also seeks to enhance the interaction with the audience that comes to the area. LThe idea is to create a digital community with an anchor in analog”, they point out from the middle.

With their first program, “Login”, they intend to address technological issues such as artificial intelligence, Web3 or blockchain in a friendly language.

Streaming and a new communication paradigm

live internet

According to a Linktree report, there are 200 million content creators in the world and 12% have an income of $50,000 a year, that is, they live from that job. Tuvaluan creators see the potential in content creation as a challenge and decide to name the channel Tuvalu, after the small country in Oceania that literally lives off the internet.

The small country had the .tv extension as a domain, just as Argentina has the .ar, but Tuvalu’s began to be coveted because it is an extension that refers to television. In the year 2000 the government of that country saw the business opportunity and he transferred the commercialization of the domain to the American company Versign in exchange for 5 million dollars per year. This is a very significant sum for a population of just over 11,000 inhabitants.

“Without a doubt, it can be said that Tuvalu lives off the internet and we do our bit to the economy of this country in particular because, of course, we registered .tv”, highlighted Martín Pérez.


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