This was the crash of a car against a toll on the Panamericana

A car impacted squarely against a tollbooth at the height of Pacheco, on the Campana branch of the Pan American Highwayfor causes that have not yet been determined by the investigators. The driver, a 75-year-old man, died instantly..

The event occurred on Sunday morning at kilometer 33.5, hand to the city of Buenos Aires. There the gray VW CC in which he was on board, the victim collided with a concrete support and ended up torn to pieces. Later images show him unrecognizable, which illustrates the ferocity of the accident.

Although the owner of the car died at the time, there were no more victims or injuries to be regretted, especially since the concrete containment covered booth 7 of the toll booth.

In the video that was released after the fact, it is observed that although the barrier was down, the man tries to access in that direction. However, by previously hitting a wall, the vehicle is left with all four wheels raised and practically destroyed.

After the accident, cabins 6, 7 and 8 were temporarily closed, while traffic was closed for five hours.

The man was identified as Jorge Camano 75 years old, according to information from the authorities. Her body was transferred to the morgue of the Carrillo de San Martín Hospital to perform the corresponding autopsy.


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