They seize 51 wild birds that were hidden in the trunk of a car in Santa Fe

During one of the usual transit operations they carry out on the freeway Rosario-Santa Fetroops of the core section belonging to Squadron 46 “Rosario-Victoria” Delaware National Gendarmerie They arrested an elderly man who was carrying 51 wild birds hidden inside the trunk of his car.

According to police sources, the incident took place in the kilometer 22 of the Santa Fe highway, more precisely at the height of the Aldao Tollwhen they stopped the march of a Peugeot 207that caught their attention.

So it was that, while they were checking the interior of the vehicle that was driven by a man from the town of Andean that was traveling to the city of Rosario, the police officers needed inside the trunk a large number of boxes like cardboard and metal cages inside which there were 51 wild birds of different species, among them cardinals, goldfinches, juan chiviro and reina mora.

After proceeding to the darrest of the driver whose identity was not providedthe members of said police department reported the situation to the General Directorate of Sustainable Fauna Managementwho directed the corresponding carving of proceedings for infringement both to the National Law No. 22,421, as well as the Provincial Law No. 4,830 and to the complementary norms by transportation and collection of prohibited species of wildlife without proper documentation.


While all the birds rescued alive were transferred to said distribution dependent on the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of the Province of Santa Fe, who will define the steps to follow regarding their future.