They say that exercising does not prevent dementia

Studies in recent decades have shown that do exercise it is good for the brain and cognitive performance. This showed that institutions related to health recommended the physical activity Everyday to help memory, perception and thinking skills.

However, a general review of said investigations was carried out and will continue to be there is not enough evidence to prove the relationship between regular gymnastics and better cognition in people.

There is no solid evidence that exercise benefits the mind and memory.

Experts from the University of Granada analyzed 109 studies involving 11,000 healthy participants. The investigation while exercise is good for the brain, strong evidence is lacking to support environmental benefits to the mind and memory.

physical exercise

The researchers determined that the cognitive benefit after exercise disappeared due to certain moderators. The same were the different types of exercises, the age range, among others. The results show that the cognitive improvement is small, especially in the presence of moderators. The document seeks a reflection on this perspective of health.


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