There are already 16 jaguars living in freedom in the Ibéra National Park

already son at least 16 the jaguars that live free in the Iberá National Park, in the province of currentsaccording to information from Rewilding Argentina Foundation (FRA), through a statement published on its official website.

Yes ok until two and a half years ago had not registered of the presence in this important natural reserve of Corrientes of any specimen of this species considered in Danger of extinctionthanks to these 16 jaguars that were captured through the camera traps that were strategically placed in each of the mountains of the island san alonsoin the heart of Great Iberá Parkby FRA staff and by scientists from the CONICET with the objective of monitor to the fledgling population of jaguars from Iberá, now, Corrientes has become the province of the Chaco-Argentina region with the largest number of these cats.

“The latest monitoring allowed us to detect four new puppies from three different mothers. This brings the number of jaguars living free in Iberá to at least sixteen. But could be even more, up to twenty one”, they explain from FRA.

Corrientes went from not having any free jaguar in the last seventy years to hosting the largest group of the Argentine Chaco subpopulation of the specieswhich also lives in Salta, Jujuy, Formosa, Chaco and Santiago del Estero. In all these provinces the total number of jaguars from Chaco probably does not exceed ten individuals.”; add the statement.


The first jaguars were released in Iberá Park in January 2021, after 70 years of total extinction in the areaand, fortunately, since then the population has not stopped growing, which means that the results obtained in Iberá so far are more than auspicious for the survival of these animals.

It is the first project worldwide that tries to restore the jaguar in a region where it had become extinct.and It is observed as an example to be replicated in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil and in the southern United States.


In addition, the success of this ambitious project led to FRA and National Parks to work for replicate the process in El Impenetrable National Park, located in the province of Chaco.

New births and new releases planned for this year will contribute to further consolidating the jaguar population in Iberásource of pride for the people of Corrientes and Argentina that, for the first time in the world, are aimed at reversing the regional extinction of the great American cat”, conclude from Fundación Rewilding Argentina.