The YPF Women’s Championship has three leaders at the close of date 11

mouth Juniors tied today with independent 1 to 1, at the Libertadores de América-Ricardo Bochini stadium, and shares the top of the YPF Women’s Championship next to center rosary and UAI Urquiza. Amancay Urbani I had advanced the gladiators and Valentina Barroso He established the definitive equality for the localities.

The team led by florence quinonesnow shares the championship lead along with center rosary and UAI Urquiza with 27 points. While independent remains in fifth place with 23 units.

center rosary won him a lanus by 3 to 0, as a visitor. Augustine Donato, Valentina Mana and belen diaz treaties for the visit that celebrated its fourth victory in a row. UAI Urquizafor his part, thrashed 4 to 0 at Buenos Aires students, also as a visitor. in the Martin Coronado property. A double of romina nuñez, Diana Falfan and paula de la serna They were the authors of the goals.

This is how the table of positions was: UAI Urquiza, center rosary and mouth Juniors 27 points; Platense 24; independent 23; San Lorenzo twenty-one; racing club 19; Silver river 18; belgrano sixteen; Hurricane 14; Ferro, hikers, HE SAT and Banfield 13; Students (LP) 10; Gymnastics (LP) 9; Students (BA) and Future 5; lanus 4; and Defenders of Belgrano 3.