The Turk Mohamed liquidated the PSG fans: “These bitter never won anything”

the future of Messi in it psg seems to be doomed. In the last few days, the information came out that the captain of the Selection Argentina refused to extend his contract with the French entity and this used the fury of the Parisian fans who even demonstrated against the flea.

In this sense, the one who expressed his indignation was the former coach of independent, Hurricane and Colon, anthony Turkish mohammed and defended the fans of the psg:”These bitter never won anything.”

“It is an outrageous lack of respect, outrageous! Besides, they don’t even have the taste to bitch. You can see that everything is organized and badly organized, so it is disrespectful ”, Shooting.

“These bitter people who have never won anything and are not going to win, no matter how much they buy the Eiffel Tower and put it in front of the arch… It is a total lack of respect, first to the person, to the family, to the children and to film that and take it out publicly, too,” he added.

“Let him choose the destination where he can be happy. Nothing more. I think that is the best for him and football. It is what we all want, to see him happy on the pitch”, he concluded.

Messi’s future

At the moment the only concrete offer comes from the Major Soccer League, from where the owner of Inter Miami, David Beckham, traveled last week to Paris to greet Messi and anticipate the media that his franchise is working hard to add him to the team.

While, his desire to return to Barcelona grows day by day, but simultaneously with what is further and further away from that possibility. The club chaired by Joan Laporta going through serious economic difficulties enough to be able to fatten their salary mass and comply with the financial fair play.