The three keys by which River Plate was left with the victory against Boca Juniors

In duel corresponding to date 15 of the Professional League, Silver river was left with an important victory after winning by the slightest difference against mouth Juniors in what was the last edition of the Superclásico of Argentine soccer that included the goal converted by Miguel Borja.

The victory, without a doubt, outlines the millionaire team as a great candidate due to the campaign harvested at this point in the tournament. That is why in 442 we are going to leave you the reasons why he was victorious in the last outing.

What are the three reasons why River Plate was victorious against Boca Juniors?

  1. To begin with, it can be noted that River knew how to read the reading of the game and they closed the spaces for their opponent. The statistics reflected that Almirón’s team was not concrete in the attack zone. The most striking thing was that in the first episode Boca did not have a shot on goal.
  2. The ability to rise up despite adversity. In this sense, the team led by Demichelis knew how to get up after the tremendous win they had against Fluminense and was left with three very important units that allowed them to move away at the top of the standings.
  3. The Monumental as the strength of the team. DT said it at the end and he has every reason to ratify his statement and it is related to the commitment of his followers, who during their matches fill the stands of the sports arena located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez.