The three changes that Boca made to receive Defense and Justice

This Monday, March 6, mouth Juniors will have a new test in the professional league. In the facilities of the Alberto José Armando Stadium, he will be receiving his similar Defense and Justice, in a meeting in which he will try to ratify the good moment after the conquest of the Argentine Super Cup.

The celebrations for the last title obtained before the Board of Trustees were yesterday and for this reason Hugo Benjamín Ibarra organized the squad that will play on this new date of the tournament.

The Blue and Gold coach made three changes for this match with the idea of ​​stealing the three points in dispute. The first is related to the return of Romero to goal in conjunction with the appearance of Bruno Valdez, who takes the place of Facundo Roncaglia and the presence of Guillermo Fernández, who will replace Ezequiel Fernández.

In this way, the team that would form against the Halcón de Varela would be made up of the following players: Sergio Romero; Luis Advincula, Bruno Valdez, Jorge Figal, Frank Fabra; Guillermo Fernández, Alan Varela, Oscar Romero; Luca Langoni, Darío Benedetto and Sebastián Villa.