The tense cross between Federico Bulos and Morena Beltrán for the Superclásico: “You are saying an outrage”

The Superclásico continues to make people talk in all the country’s media. In this sense, journalists from F90 (Espn), Morena Beltrán and Federico Bulos, held an intense debate on the performance of Boca Juniors in the superclassicwhich had River Plate as the winner.

It all started when El Negro said that Boca “has a very big shield”, so “you can choose any approach” to play a match. Quickly, strongly disagreeing, Beltrán looked at him and said: “You are saying an outrage, Fede”and I add: “Not even the most ‘bostero’ Boca fan tells you that he wants the team not to attack.”

The rapporteur replied: “The fan can say what he wants! I think that Boca, in the second half, matched the game, and it was going well for him, because it ended zero to zero, and he got seven points out of nine”.

“It is pure result, then. If we are going to talk only about results,” the journalist questioned, and Bulos counterattacked: “Don’t hide! I, to debate, give my face; You say I’m talking about results, you too”. “You’re talking to yourself,” Morena replied, laughing.

This was the complete debate between Federico Bulos and Morena Beltrán