The surprising prediction of a tarot reader about Messi at Inter Miami

the argentinian star Lionel Messi continue with your preparation intermiami ahead of his debut in the American team, which would be this Friday against blue cross of mexico.

Messi He was presented this Sunday as a brand new reinforcement and days ago he joined the practices with the midfielder Sergio Busquets, with the aim of getting ready to have his debut with the shirt of the set of miami. However, this time the flea was in the news due to the prediction of a tarot reader who was encouraged to predict the future of the captain of the Argentine national team.

Here I am going to play it. A girl is coming. Yes, a girl. Write down what I’m saying! Well, actually everything is recorded. Do. So yes, what I see is that Antonela gets pregnant and they are going to have the first woman in the family”, he released fabiana herethe tarot reader who was encouraged to predict that a girl will join the Messi-Rocuzzo family.

“He will be calm in Miami, he will have a good time, he will have joy, happiness there”added.

Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, the children of Antonela Rocuzzo and Messi

In 2012 it became known that Leo Messi and antonella roccuzzo they were expecting their first child together. Thiago Messi came into this world on November 2 of that same year in Barcelona. He is currently 10 years old and inherited the same passion as his father for soccer, which is why he is developing at the Barcelona school

On September 11, 2015, in Barcelona, ​​Mateo Messi arrived and joined the most beloved family in the world of football. The little one, who is seven years old, is the most “mischievous” of all. The boy already knows that he appears on social networks that also how the round moves, but that he enjoys other sports

Ciro, the youngest of the Messi clan, was born on March 11, 2018 in Barcelona. He is the third son of Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi. The boy, who is barely four years old, is the most charismatic of all and always has a happy smile on his face.