The strong decision that AFA made with Darío Herrera for the next date of the Professional League

The Superclásico continues to give cloth to cut. After the controversial decisions that Darío Herrera made in River’s victory against Boca, where several cards were drawn, the expulsions that he omitted and the penalty that he sanctioned, he remained in the eye of the storm and from AFA they let him know.

The referees were announced for the date 16 of the Professional League. Where Fernando Espinoza will be at the meeting of the xeneize bet Bthe grain and Nicholas Ramirez will be the judge in the visit of the Millionaire initial bet workshops. PFor his part, Herrera was stopped and is not part of any designation.

The referees of the date 16 of the Professional League

– Friday May 12

20.00 Hurricane – Godoy Cruz
Referee: Nicolás Lamolina
Assistant referee 1: Diego Bonfa
Assistant referee 2: Juan Mamani
Fourth official: Sebastián Habib

21.30 Atlético Tucumán – Argentines
Referee: Facundo Tello
Assistant referee 1: Iván Núñez
Assistant referee 2: Mariano Viale
Fourth official: Rodrigo Rivero

– Saturday May 13

15.30 Independent-Tiger
Referee: Nazareno Arasa
Assistant referee 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
Assistant referee 2: Pablo Gualtieri
Fourth official: Gastón Monsón Brizuela

18.00 Banfield – San Lorenzo
Referee: Fernando Echenique
Assistant referee 1: Javier Uziga
Assistant referee 2: Maximiliano Castelli
Fourth official: Wenseslao Meneses

20.30 Institute – Colon
Referee: Luis Lobo Medina
Assistant referee 1: Miguel Savorani
Assistant referee 2: Damián Espinoza
Fourth official: Nahuel Viñas

20.30 Newell’s – Arsenal
Referee: Pablo Echavarria
Assistant referee 1: José Castelli
Assistant referee 2: Daiana Milone
Fourth official: Ezequiel Billone

– Sunday May 14

14.00 Defense and Justice – Students
Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer
Assistant referee 1: Hugo Páez
Assistant referee 2: Ernesto Callegari
Fourth official: Gonzalo Pereira

16.30 Platense – Racing
Referee: Hernan Mastrangelo
Assistant referee 1: Andrés Barbieri
Assistant referee 2: Lucas Pardo
Fourth official: Mariano Seco

19.00 Mouth – Belgrano
Referee: Fernando Espinoza
Assistant referee 1: Gabriel Chade
Assistant referee 2: Eduardo Lucero
Fourth official: Américo Monsalvo

21.30 Workshops – Rio
Referee: Nicolas Ramirez
Assistant referee 1: Cristian Navarro
Assistant referee 2: Marcelo Bistocco
Fourth official: Juan Pafundi

– Monday May 15

15.30 Barracas Central – Córdoba Central
Referee: Pablo Dovalo
Assistant referee 1: Adrián Delbarba
Assistant referee 2: Mariano Ascensi
Fourth official: Cristian Cernadas

18.00 Gymnastics – Lanús
Referee: Andrés Gariano
Assistant referee 1: Pablo González
Assistant referee 2: Lucas Germanotta
Fourth official: Mauro Biasutto

20.30 Velez – Rosario Central
Referee: Sebastian Zunino
Assistant referee 1: Gerardo Lencina
Assistant referee 2: Iván Aliende
Fourth official: Pablo Giménez

20.30 Union – Sarmiento
Referee: Andrés Merlos
Assistant referee 1: Julio Fernández
Assistant referee 2: Pablo Acevedo
Fourth official: Dario Sandoval